How To: Stay Healthy All Winter Long!



In the summer there’s so much to do! Swimming, playing kickball outside, flying a kite, and so on.. But, once the chill starts to set in, we hunker down inside. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we don’t need to be active and stay healthy. Here’s 5 quick and easy ways to keep up your health this winter season (and all year long!)


Get Moving! — It’s so easy to get cabin fever and make the couch and Netflix our BFF all winter long, but our bodies still need to move. I know some people like to workout outside, but that’s kind hard to do when the snow is coming down. So, try some inside workouts! Even if you just have 15 minutes go on Pinterest and find an at home workout; there’s tons out there. And if “working out” isn’t your thing, dance, vacuum the floors, sweep the floors – get inventive.


Water, Water, Water! — This is something we as living things need 365 days a year. Just because the peppermint mocha’s are out in full swing doesn’t mean water needs to be kicked to the back burner. To get motivated to drink more H2O, buy a cute new tumbler, add fresh fruit to your water, or download a water intake tracker app to keep up with your intake.


Meet Yourself In The Middle — This is something that some people may disagree with me on, but I personally think that it’s unhealthy to completely stop eating the foods you enjoy. Sure if they’re more on the indulgent side maybe not eat them every day, but don’t only have a piece of cake once a year (or month 😉 ) One thing I find that helps me keep my body and soul nourished is I have fairly healthy meals. So, breakfast, lunch, and dinner I try and get in my whole grains, proteins, healthy fats, etc. But, after dinner if I’m having a little craving for something sweet, I’ll have it. This way I’m just indulging in a snack; not a whole meal. This is what works for me; please do not make any rash changes to your diet without consulting a professional, which I am not.


Keep Those Hands Clean — This is something that’s kind of a no-brainer, but it still need to be stated. Flu season is in full swing in the colder months and we need to try and combat that the best we can. I feel like I’m always wash my hands. After sorting laundry, eating, taking out the trash, etc. Unfortunately, there’s not always a sink handy, so I always carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with me everywhere I go.  If you don’t like the smell of alcohol I recommend getting a scented one; also the hand sanitizer with aloe vera in it won’t dry out your hands as much as the regular kind.


Boost That Mood! — I’m probably going to do a whole other post on this topic soon. But, some fun ways I like to boost my mood is to listen to happy / upbeat music, treat myself to something off my Amazon wishlist, bake some cookies, write down my thoughts, or chat with a loved one. These options are obviously tailored to my own personal likes, but the options are endless and really simple. Do what makes YOU happy.


Those are my 5 simple ways on staying healthy during those chilly months. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and maybe even found some of these tips helpful. Here’s to a happy, healthy winter!


Question time:

How do you stay healthy all winter long?

Do you like your water plain or “dressed up?”




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