Weekend Recap – Christmas 2016

Well friends, Christmas is over and it’s bittersweet. I had a wonderful holiday weekend with loved ones and hope you did too. I thought it would be nice to do a little recap so you guys to can get a little peak at what my holidays usually consist of. Hope you enjoy…!




For the past few years on Christmas Eve my family gets together to exchange some gifts, have pizza, and see Christmas lights at our local park. It’s a tradition we all enjoy and look forward to every year.



Here’s a pic of my Aunt and I waiting for our pizza to be delivered to our table. Yes, I’m wearing a “Fleece Navidad” sweater with a sheep on it. #dontjudge


The place was super busy, so it took like 45+ minutes to get our food. Granted we did have a pretty big order, but hey, we we’re hungry for some pizza 😉 And yes, it was just as good as it looks; if not better.

After we stuffed ourselves with pizza and played 24K Magic on the jukebox, we headed to the park to see Christmas lights. Our park has been doing this a looong time, but this year they really stepped up their game. You can’t tell by my novice photography skills, but take my word for it…? They have I’d say about a mile of nothing but lights! Everything from reindeer to Jesus. You name it – they have it.



We finally got home later that night, and my grandma read “Green Eggs And Ham.” Yes, you guys, she reads the Dr. Seuss book every Christmas Eve – it’s a tradition. When I was little I’d always beg her to read it to me and whenever she did I got a kick out of her reading it. I mean, it can get a little annoying, haha! But, I still love it!


Then I opened up one present which ended up being from my sweet momma. She got me a huge vanilla candle; a woman after my own heart ❤ Lastly, we wrapped up the night with cheesy Christmas Movies. What else?!

End Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning I woke up and felt super tired. Needless to state morning coffee was in high demand! Once the rest of the family woke up we started sorting presents and then opening them. I got so many sweet gifts and cannot put my gratitude into words. But, I’ve highlighted a few of my favorite gifts below.

The after math of the presents…


It took 30+ minutes to get everything cleaned up. So. Much. Wrapping. Paper.



Christmas day was spent chatting with the family and then I sneaked away for a couple hours to work on some blog stuff.



A few hours later dinner rolled around and I was ready for some good cookin.’ My grandma made me vegetarian dressing, and my mom made her infamous mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. I was stuffed!

And that’s pretty much my Christmas! I hope you guys enjoyed the post and had a lovely holiday/weekend yourselves.

Now it’s time to look ahead to 2017!

Question of the day?

What did you have for Christmas dinner?

What is one gift you got that you LOVE?

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