Upcycle Your Housewares With MEEMA Co. {+GIVEAWAY}

Tis the season of giving and giving back!

I love giving more than receiving, and enjoy giving thoughtful, meaningful gifts; especially when the brands I am buying from when I’m gifting give back! Whether to charity, the environment, or another positive cause, I feel even more gratification gifting gifts from these brands.

Today, we’re highlighting a brand that is a great representation of the season of giving (and continuing to do so all year long!)

Meet, MEEMA Co.

About the brand:

Rethinking Materials:

We believe that every product should be designed for the ideal combination of joy and function, in balance with nature and produced with ethics at the center of all. 

Our everyday textile goods are designed to look beautiful, be top performing and as sustainable as possible. 

Cotton is thirsty

Cotton is an extraordinary material. It’s soft, breathable, absorbent and biodegradable. However, 20,000 liters of water are required to produce a single kilogram of cotton.

We all love denim

2.7 Billion meters of denim fabric are produced every year, of which 15% end up as waste in denim mill floors.

That’s the equivalent of over 250 million pairs of jeans thrown out as trash.

Circular, sustainable design

Nature’s process is circular. Everything is transforming into something else in a continuous cycle of zero waste.

MEEMA fabric is made with fibers that jeans manufacturers and yarn mills discard as waste. We give these materials a second life, converting them into new yarns, then new fabrics, and finally durable and beautiful new products.

Our own waste is used by coffee growers as a natural compost, returning to the earth and continuing the cycle.

For every kilogram of upcycled material we use, we save 20,000 liters of water! 

MEEMA upcyled cotton and denim fabrics are made by The New Denim Project, our partner textile manufacturer in Guatemala who is a global leader in sustainable textiles and circular economy industry. (*)

To review I was sent their kitchen towels and (amazing) waist apron!

The material of both these products are sturdy, but not rigid or roughly textured. Also, they are so classy and contemporary yet minimalistic.

I love the towels and their stability! Most kitchen towels fray after 1-2 washes, but these are made to last.

As for the waist apron (pictured above), I LOVE it! It has pockets and nice little fabric hooks for a spatula to hang on/through, which I thought was super unique.

This would be great for a handyman/woman as well. Great storage and universal design makes this a gift for all ages and sizes!

This brand also makes tablecloths which are lovely! I love how this brand is affordable but not cheap in quality or ethical integrity whatsoever.

Brands that focus on sustainability are everything and get two thumbs up from yours truly! ❤

Be sure to check out this brand on the following platforms: WebsiteFacebookInstagram



ONE lucky U.S. reader will receive ONE Waist Apron and ONE set of Kitchen Towels from MEEMA Co. Please use the blue link above to enter. This giveaway will run from December 16, 2020 to December 30, 2020.

Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for my honest review. That does not influence my opinion whatsoever.


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