Biotin Extreme Product Review!

As someone with curly, frizzy hair I am always looking for new products to tame the mane.

Today, we are featuring a brand that helps us do just that without eliminating volume or increase frizzy-ness whatsoever. This brand is Biotin Xtreme – a 99.5% natural, gluten-free hair care company!




Biotin 101:

“Biotin is a b7 vitamin and a central ingredient in all of our products. Found naturally in the body it is essential in healthy hair skin and nails. It is water soluble and needs to be replenished by the body for good health. It works along with many of our ingredients to reduce hair loss and improve hair growth. Panax ginseng extract reduces inflammation and has a similar hair loss effect as minoxidil. LIcorice opens the follicle and reduces dry hair conditions and strengthens weak hair follicles, the leading cause of hair loss. Jojoba is a moisturizer which aids in the protection of split ends and dryness and is beneficial in the prevention of hair loss. Niacin is an organic vitamin B3 acid that works with biotin and other ingredients to improve the condition of the hair, nails, and skin. and is also a natural water soluble vitamin. Japonica Honeysuckle is a Japanese plant used in many traditional medications in Japan. It is used as an anti inflammatory ingredient and anti-bacterial, and detoxifier which aids in the prevention of DHT and has a calming effect on the scalp to aid in the prevention of hair loss. Populus Tremuloides Bark Extract is another 100% natural ingredient from the Aspen tree and is used as our natural preservative.”


To give you some background, my hair is naturally long, Curly/Super wavy and frizzy. My hair is also thick, but color treated so it has thinned out a bit and is damaged and a little on the dry side. I was so pumped to try out these products and see what magic they could work for me and my hair 🙂




Firstly, I love how these items smell! They don’t smell “chemically” at all. They also did not leave any residue in my hair, including the leave in conditioner!

I loved the clean and bouncy feel of my hair after just one wash!


My favorite item, hands down, is the leave-in conditioner! I love how you can use it on damp or dry hair. I use a spray or two on my dry hair when I feel it’s getting too dry or lacking a little shine, and it revives my hair nicely!

Also, I love that these products are safe for color-treated hair (like mine), yay!


This brand’s customer service team has been a true pleasure to work with! My grandma, who is a retired hair stylist was impressed with these products as well! She loved the lightweight ingredients that don’t weigh down your hair.


The only drawback, is this line of products is more on the expensive side. However, you get what you pay for here. These products leave a noticeable difference and improvement in your hair. This is a small investment, for a large return in how your hair looks and feels!


Be sure to check out this brand’s website for more details on their products, background on their company, and more! 


P.S. As of April 4, 2020 they’re currently having a deal where you get FREE shipping on all orders!


Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for my honest review. That does not influence my opinion whatsoever.


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