Netflix Original: “Next Gen” Movie Review


I love Netflix and love watching new movies/TV shows. Especially when there’s animation involved; count me in!

Today, I’m reviewing a new movie that was released Sep 7th, 2018 called, “Next Gen.”




Synopsis: “A rebellious girl and a runaway combat robot unite to stop a madman’s technological plan for world domination.”




My own synopsis:

This movie follows, “Mai,” a young girl living in a futuristic world where robots are well, everywhere. She isn’t very popular and is misunderstood by pretty much everyone. One day, at a robot convention, she sneaks away and ends up in a secret room with a super secret robot in it. This robot has super powers and a pretty big heart, unlike his peers.

Over the course of this movie Mai and the robot, originally named “7723” befriend each other and team up to take on a mean scientist who wants to rid the world of humans.





My thoughts:

I think this movie is really underrated and not talked enough about! It’s definitely not for little kids, but bigger kids (and adults) would love this. I thought the action was great and the graphics were pretty sweet, too. One thing I loved that this movie touched on was being scared of love and people leaving you once you get close to them. I think because of that so many people can relate to Mai, I know I could. I really appreciated the writers and directors incorporating that into the movie. I think it gave it so much depth and engaged the audience even more than your typical animation!






My rating:



I think this movie would be great for kids ages 11+. The animated violence might be a little much for younger kids and there is a dog that has a bit of a “potty mouth.” He is “bleeped” when he’s supposed to be swearing, but I could still interpret what he was supposed to be saying, all too easily. So, I would just take that into consideration when little ones are present during the film. It’s not constant, but just a little something to note.


Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen/heard of this movie? If so, what do you think of it?


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