Homeschooling: Frequently Asked Questions!

One thing some of you may or may now about me is I was homeschooled.

Most people think when you’re homeschooled you live under a rock and aren’t a very good communicator. This is not true!

I respect anyone who does or does not choose to homeschool their children.

My mom homeschooled me and she and I get asked often a lot of the same questions from parents thinking about going down the same avenue.

FYI: I was homeschooled by my mom up to latter high school and then I went to an online accredited school to obtain a nationally accredited diploma which was accepted by colleges public, private, and online. Due to already being taught high school curriculum I was able to complete a 4 year course in less than 1.5 years!

Big shout out to my mom for agreeing to sit down and answer these questions for the post.

P.s. I may or may not have bribed her with homemade chocolate chip cookies….




What made you choose to homeschool? Was it an easy decision?

For me, it was an easy decision. I chose homeschooling because I felt that I could have a better eye on not only my very young child, but also I was 100% aware of what she was being taught.


What is your best advice for new-to-homeschooling parents?

I say, don’t hold back on presenting challenging lessons to your children. Expose them to something even a grade above their current grade and see how well they comprehend it and do at that specific lesson.


Homeschooling isn’t cheap. Any budget tips?

I always went to thrift stores and Sams Club to purchase the majority of my school curriculum’s. I don’t think you need to purchase these expensive curriculum’s in order to properly teach.




Did you come up with your own lessons? What resources did you use?

Yes, I did. I used books I already had on hand, the library and the books and DVD’s they offered, also free pamphlets are great! You can make your own tests based off these resources.


The shade people throw on homeschooling is real. Any tips for dealing?

People judge because they don’t understand and assume based off their own pre-conceived notions. Sometimes your own family and friends will criticize your decision. If you feel confident in your decision to homeschool, I say keep your chin up and keep on going. You’ve got this!


Any tips for staying motivated when things gets crazy?

Think about the end result and why you initially chose this avenue. Take a recess (hey, they do it in public school!) Also, keep a school journal. I did and it helped me keep perspective and keep track of what we learned each day and how that day went.


Kids can get cray-cray sometimes. Any tips for bringing order to the classroom?

I say remind them that you may be home, but you’re in school not a playground. I always offered breaks if we we’re at a roadblock we couldn’t get through in that moment. Sometimes, a quick 5 minute break to walk outside and get some fresh air can give kids a whole new perspective. Also, if the child your teaching is your own child, remind them that you are still the adult and the one in charge.


What was something you struggled with the most as a homeschool teacher?

Nothing immediately jumps out at me. I would say there we’re a lot of mini struggles as opposed to big struggles. I would sometimes struggle with keeping all the lessons organized or making sure I knew what I was teaching because sometimes I’d be learning the lesson (i.e. Greek Mythology or Algebra II for the first time) so it was kind of like I was the student as well.


What was the most rewarding thing about being a homeschool teacher?

Aside from spending every day with my child, seeing her absorb what she was being taught. Also seeing her grow intellectually and see what her strengths and weaknesses were as a student.





Big shout out to my mom for taking the time to be interviewed for my blog. She is one of the main reasons I am who I am today and have such a passion for learning. I’m so grateful for all the years she has invested in me and my education.


If you guys have any further questions about homeschooling, feel free to ask us below! I convinced my mom to be on stand-by for any additional questions that may occur 😉


Question time:

Have you ever/would you ever consider homeschooling?

What was your favorite subject in school?




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