12 Worship Songs For Depression

This is going to be one of the most vulnerable posts I’ve ever done, but here it is…

As a Christian, I used to be ashamed to admit that I struggled with depression. I thought that once I gave my life completely over to Jesus that the darkness would leave me for good.

I was wrong.

I know some people may then say that I did not “completely” give myself to the Lord or I wouldn’t still have seasons of deep sadness.

I hate depression. I hate ever feeling sad when I know there is so much joy in nothing more than solely Jesus Christ. However, the devil likes to creep into our minds and tell us were not good enough now and are never going to be.

Although, being “glass-half-full” minded, I like to think that depression has brought me closer to Christ. Which, while it isn’t my go-to way to draw closer to my Savior, I’m grateful for it strengthening my relationship with Him. In my deepest times of sorrow when I felt like all hope was gone, I found my hope in God and God alone. He was my light at the end of the tunnel; knowing that this world is temporary as is its troubles and my eternity is in Heaven. Knowing that any question that may present itself in my lifetime is already answered by the God of the universe bring me immense peace.


11 Worship Songs For Depression (1).jpg


Overall, I think I have learned to find good out of my depression; I’d even say a deeper desire to worship has come out of it. A desire in the midst of my darkest hour to praise the one who created me. A desire to pray to the only one who knows all that lies ahead of me and holds every second of my future in his hands.

Depression is a mental illness. It is nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to be afraid to speak out about. Seek help, sooner than later. It is so easy to say, “It’s not that bad.” But, if odds are if you say that (or even think that) it is more than bad enough.

There is no level of severity you need to reach before you seek help. Talk to someone, start journaling, go to counseling, consult with your doctor or a medical professional – do what is best for YOU.

I cling to my faith in all aspects of my life. Music is one of my favorite forms of worship so I put together my top 12 songs that I listen do when I’m going through a depressed time.




The words in each of these songs remind me of the peace, strength, and joy we all have in Christ Jesus, and I hope they do you, too. ❤



Please don’t think this post is my way of forcing my beliefs on you. I am not intending that at all. In addition, I am NOT a medical professional in any way. In the slightest, all I hope not just as a Christian but as a human being on this planet called Earth, is that you know that this world would be lost without you. No one has it all together no matter how much you think they do; we’re all a little lost, some more than others — myself included. 

Finally, you’re not alone. You’re not alone in how you feel or how you think. You are valuable and exist for a reason. You are loved, I promise.

Your friend,

Edye ❤






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13 thoughts on “12 Worship Songs For Depression

  1. Thank you Edye, deeply ! I feel understood and begin to feel unashamed about my mental illness, which is also depression ! God bless your heart !


  2. Thank you for this – I came across this post when looking for worship songs for a service I’m speaking on about mental health, and it’s amazing that you not only opened up but did so in a way others can relate to. That’s the outward working of Jesus in action in you – thank you.

    Also – fab worship song selections, and having written the talk, Rescue made me collapse in tears, so you should know that this post has inspired some of our service this Sunday. Thank you.


    • Pete:

      I’m so sorry for not responding in over ONE YEAR. Please know I am so grateful for your reading of this blog and am beyond grateful for your comment. You made my night. I’m so glad I could give some inspiration. We serve a wonderful Savior. God bless you!!!


  3. I have been struggling with the fact that I have seasons of depression. I tend to avoid people and it’s hard for me to find love in things I used to LOVE. Music is a huge thing for me. Thank you for sharing your playlist. I just listened to Sunshine by Kirk Franklin! It was a great song too.

    I used to feel so much shame and guilt for a going through these season. I thought, if only I had enough faith this would not happen to me and I would be healed. But you are right when you say that it does draw you to Jesus more than ever


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