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“The Garden” by Kari Jobe CD Review & Giveaway! (US/CAN)

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Christmas Music Playlist // 2016

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Summer ’16 Playlist

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Workout Playlist #1



Hello blog readers! I don’t know if I’ve ever shared my love for health and fitness on the blog before. It’s something I’m pretty passionate about and really enjoy. As you guys know, I love music! So, this post will consist of my 2 of my favorite things music + exercise πŸ™‚ I don’t know about you guys, but I HAVE to have music in order to workout efficiently. Otherwise a 20-30 minute workout feels likeΒ an hour long, and I don’t end upΒ giving it my all. I just made a playlist on Spotify of some of my favorite workout songs. My music taste is pretty vast. I love pop, progressive christian, and a little country. So here’s some songs I’ve been recently loving to workout to:


I know this post was pretty quick, but hopefully I gave you guys some new music to enjoy. They’re all upbeat/carefree songs that you can workout or dance to! I’m pretty sure dancing counts as exercise right?! πŸ˜‰

Question time:

What’s one song you’ve been loving lately?

Do you listen to music when you workout?


Thanks for reading,