Go Bananas by Snacking with JanaBanana!

I am a creature of habit. Guilt as charged.

I love routine, structure, and can be a little bit of a control freak..!

Bananas, oddly enough, are part of my daily “routine” or “regimen.” Every day at some point or another (usually at breakfast) I incorporate a banana.

If I’m feeling extra fancy I might have 2 in one day! I LOVE bananas!

Banana bread, banana cookies, bananas in smoothies, you name it! To me, bananas are the golden fruit.

So, any chance I get to try out a new product based on my favorite yellow fruit; I do a happy dance!

Today we’re talking about JanaBanana Bars!




About the brand:

As stated on the brands website, here’s a little message from the founder of this sweet brand:

“Growing up in Brazil, I was surrounded by fresh fruits and vegetables that sparked my passion for healthy, real food. I couldn’t find a filling, nutritious snack when I came to the United States, so I perfected an original recipe for a low-calorie, high fiber snack with no added sugar. I hope our deliciously wholesome JanaBanana bars make a positive difference in your life, too.”

Jana Lopes (***)


These bars are so yummy! I love how chewy and fresh they are! They’re not dry at all and aren’t overly sweet!




They currently offer 4 flavors (I was sent 3 out of the 4): Peanut Butter, Green Banana, Coconut, and Dark Chocolate.

The chocolate one if my favorite, but every flavor I tried I really enjoyed! I bet the peanut butter ones are great as well! I’m like Elvis 2.0 when it comes to peanut butter and banana, ha!

I think anybody who enjoys bananas will enjoy these bars!

FYI: Bananas are a great source of minerals and fiber, this snack can keep you energized and provide everyday people with healthy nutrition necessary for productive workouts.

In Brazil, green bananas have been used to eradicate malnutrition among kids, while bananas snacks has always been one of the favorite school meals. At JanaBanana they gather with the best suppliers and produced these incredible, 100% natural healthy snacks and banana flour for you and your family to enjoy! (*)

Also, did I forget to mention these are VEGAN, PALEO, AND GLUTEN FREE??!






Like the image says, #BeGroovy! Go get you some JanaBanana bars and see for yourself how yummy these guys are! I promise you won’t regret it!


Check out the companies website by clicking here and there Facebook by clicking here!




Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for my honest opinion. That does not influence my review whatsoever.




3 thoughts on “Go Bananas by Snacking with JanaBanana!

  1. I’m with you on bananas. I put one into my protein shake every morning. I don’t care for them to be too ripe if I’m eating them on cereal or by themselves so I’m totally intrigued by the Green Banana flavor. They all sound wonderful, though, and I especially love that they haven’t added sugar. Who needs extra sugar with bananas?!? Thanks for sharing your opinion of these – I’m going to have a further look into getting some of them to substitute for my breakfast shake.



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