Get Your #Fit On With My Athlete Box

Fitness is not always the easiest thing. Especially with the here today gone tomorrow, never stop to take a breath world we live in.





Brands like “My Athlete Box” are helping those who seek to live a fit (yet still active) life, do just that!

I was sent their “Sample Box” which you can buy from their shop for just $9.99 (USD.)


Below I’ve included a video unboxing the epic “sample box” they sent me, showing all the goodies inside! I was super happy with it and think this would make a great gift for anyone, at any fitness level would enjoy and find motivating.



As you can see, this box is filled with loads of yummy, nutritious goodies! The box featured above is the sample box is only $9.99 on their “shop.”

Another cool feature is that this box is meant to always change so it’s almost kinda like a mystery box in a way but, it will always have healthy snacks and apparel or small fitness items in it.
fit athlete
***Note that these snacks (and all the snacks in every one of their Sample Boxes, Slim Fit boxes, Core, and Bada** boxes) are provided by our new partner, CoreGains. Fit Athlete (and myself, too) are super excited about this because they only deal with vegan, high-protein snacks. ***

And, the super awesome PR team is giving one “sample” box similar to the one I feature in this post to one lucky US reader. Please use the link below to enter.









Thanks to My Athlete Box for sending me this box to feature! I was super pleased and know y’all will be too! ❤



Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my honest review. That does not influence my opinion whatsoever.


18 thoughts on “Get Your #Fit On With My Athlete Box

  1. I would definitely keep it for myself! It’s an amazing box full of products I’d be stoked to try, it would be of great help in trying to keep my new year’s resolution!


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