Worship Playlist // 2018



There’s so many different ways to honor Jesus and praise Him. One of my favorite ways is through music!

We listen to it while driving, cooking, and sometimes just being. So, why not listen to music that praises the one who created it, and furthermore, created you!

I went onto Spotify and threw together a playlist that consists of a few of my favorite worship songs.

I hope you guys enjoy these songs. They have helped me in times of darkness and have helped me find even more joy in times of happiness. All while praising our Savior!



I hope you guys enjoyed listening to this as much as I do. These songs truly never get old.

I’m always looking for new music to listen to so feel free to drop a comment below with your favorite current favorite song!

Have a beautiful, blessed weekend! ❤


Question time:

What song(s) have you been loving recently?

Do you have a go-to worship song?



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