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The Practical Guide To Self Confidence

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Five Ways To Love Yourself

Self Love.

It’s something so many people struggle to do. In this world we’re wired to live our lives in the fast lane, always have something going on. Then, whenever we take time for ourselves, we feel guilty and unworthy. I am including myself in this. One of my resolutions for 2016 is to learn to care for me. As a follower of Jesus, I know that love is the greatest gift God has given us. Love isn’t just necessary to give to others, we also need to give it to ourselves. These are some things that I try and do often to show myself some love.


1). DIY fun:


Fun. It’s something we all need in our lives. Sometimes we don’t have the means to go on a big vacation or throw a gigantic party. I’ve learned that you can have a grand ol’ time all by yourself! Have a dance party to all your favorite middle school songs, give yourself a facial, do your nails. The options really are limitless, just make it something you enjoy.  

2). Treat yourself: 


This could mean whatever you want it to. Whether you buy yourself that cute purse you’ve been eyeing at F21 or you have that chocolate bar you’ve been craving. I know that it’s not good to be materialistic. But, I think that buying yourself things that you want every now and then is A okay!!! It’s perfectly fine to bring joy to yourself.

3). You don’t have to earn it:

This is something I can relate to on so many levels! On days I get a lot done, I don’t feel bad at all showing me some self love. But, if the day was more chilled and laid back, I’d save the self love for another day. Why? Because I feel like I didn’t earn it. Our bodies need to be taken care of no matter what we’re doing, or what we’ve done. If you want that piece of cake, but didn’t work out. Have it! If you want to go get your nails done, but didn’t get an A on your test. Get that manicure! Life is short. Too short to be anything but nice to ourselves and to others.

4). Write:

Writing is so beautiful. I started this blog because writing is a big passion of mine. I started journaling when I was about thirteen. I’ve had people tell me how its good for you, but I never understood why. This is why, you learn about yourself. Everyday we have these thoughts spinning around in our heads, but when we sit down and write them on paper, we see those thoughts differently. I’ve learned so many things about me since I began writing. I read my old journal entries and see how much God has grown me in the past years. Through writing, I’ve found parts of myself I didn’t know I had. So even if you have sloppy handwriting (like me), or you haven’t written before, try it. You won’t regret it. The words don’t have to flow perfectly, if you’re journaling about life it doesn’t flow perfectly anyway.

5). Love Others:

This is a big cliché. I’m pretty sure most parents taught their kids to be nice and love everyone. But, as we age the world can make us bitter. It can make us judge others in the blink of an eye, or by their outward appearance. Whenever people do a random act of kindness like holding the door for me, or letting me go ahead of them in line. I say “Thank you so much” and continue on with my day instantly brighten. It’s so refreshing to see others consider others and show kindness to an absolute stranger. Whenever I do a random act of kindness I feel so refreshed and happy. I feel happy I made someone else happy. What I’m getting at is loving yourself enables you to love others. What goes around comes around. Spread positivity, love your neighbor, love yourself! It’s rewarding to you and to others.


I hope this post is well received. I am no “self love expert” and am not always the kindest to myself, I’m a work in progress 😉 Nonetheless, these are some things that have helped me and hopefully will help you guys too!

Question time:

What are some things you do to show yourself some love?

Do you like journaling? 


Thanks for reading,