Better Days Playlist!

2020 has been a crazy year.

Between a pandemic, need for societal change, and natural disasters, I think this year will go down in history. But, not in the way we all hoped it would.

This does not mean we cannot make the most out of this time and come out of it stronger and closer together as a human race. This playlist is based off a song by OneRepublic called “Better Days.”

When I first heard this song it was right after the shutdowns began and COVID-19 had taken over the media, and furthermore, our lives.

This song immediately hit me hard. I always analyze music and read into the lyrics and the meaning of them. This song (and the music video) made me realize that their are better days ahead. It’s not over. There is sunshine about to come our way.

I hope this playlist of various songs (some more lighthearted than others) will brighten your day and uplift your spirit. Stay safe, my friends! This too shall pass ❤


What have you been doing to keep your spirits up during these hard times?

What is your go-to “happy” song?

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