Friday Favorites: Movies, Music, and Madness!

Friday is here, my loves!

It’s been wayyyyy too long since I did a Friday Favorites post so that’s what I have coming at you today.


friday faves


I’ve been loving a lot of things lately and cannot wait to share them with you guys!


I Can Only Imagine —


This past Sunday, I took my mom and grandma to see this movie in theaters. I was blown away! I didn’t know what it was really about except for the fact that it was Christian based. I had no idea it would be based on a true, beautiful, moving story. Whether you’re “spiritual” or not, this movie makes you think and reflect. I think it’s the best Christian movie I’ve ever seen. The message is so beautiful!






Riverdale —




Well, I finished watching Bates Motel and thought nothing could fill it’s place in my heart. While that is still true, there is something that’s giving it a run for its’ money…. Riverdale! I have had this show on my Netflix list for months and never got around to watching it. This past month, I started watching season 1 and have been hooked! I love the cast, the drama, the romance, and of course, the mystery! This show is much more than a high school drama/thriller. It’s so entertaining and the plot is always thickening! I cannot wait for season two! =)



“Grace Got You” by MercyMe –

I have always been a MercyMe fan (especially after seeing “I Can Only Imagine,”) but this song makes my frown turn upside down! It makes me so happy and has such a catchy beat to it! I have a dance party of one (unless my dog counts, too..?) every single time I hear it!





iPhone 8 (the one with the button!!!) —




I am such a cheapskate and hate spending money, but I treated myself to something I’ve always wanted – an iPhone! I got the iPhone 8 instead of the “X” because I wanted the home button. Am I the only one who thinks the whole “no home button” thing is kinda weird? I mean, it’s probably going to be my next phone, but I just wasn’t ready to make to change. I wanted fingerprint recognition and I think the silver button is kinda cute, haha! I’m different, this I know 😉


Now that I have a phone with a decent camera, I’ll try and post more pics on my Instagram! I promise!!


That’s all for today! I hope you guys have a great weekend! Got any plans? I’m going to spend lots of time with my family, get a mani/pedi with my momma, go to church, and go out to dinner (early) since my birthday falls during the week. Olive Garden, here I come!




Question time:

What TV show(s) have you been loving?

Do you like the iPhone “X” without the button? Yay or nay?


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