Homefree Cookies Review + Giveaway!

Recently, I’ve had the amazing opportunities to bring extra giveaways to you guys and I love it. Giving back to you guys (who give me so much support) makes me so happy.

Today I’m going to be reviewing and giving away some cookies by the brand Home Free.



7% of US kids have food allergies and the kind people at Home Free want everyone to be able to partake in their products. That’s why everything they make is vegan, gluten, egg, dairy, peanut, and nut free!

There cookies are also non-GMO and made with whole grains. There’s nothing artificial or fake about the ingredients so you can feel confident in enjoying this brands’ tasty treats.

There cookies come in two different size boxes; one is a .95 oz bag and the other is a 5 oz box. Either way the cookies still have the same, tasty flavor.



Here is what the .95 oz bags look like. They’re a great snacking size since they’re portion controlled. The flavors seen above are Chocolate Mint Mini Cookies and Double Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies.

Both of these have a rich chocolate flavor, but it’s not too rich. These cookies are pretty crunchy so they’re kind of like a sandwich cookie minus the filling.

These cookies are pretty similar except for the mint having mint and the double chocolate having a little more of a rich, chocolate-y flavor.




I was also sent three 5 oz boxes of their cookies. One in lemon burst, ginger snap, and one in chocolate chip.

This company has a cookie that every one will enjoy no matter what your preference! The Lemon Burst Mini Cookies are like a vanilla cookie with a hint of lemon. The Ginger Snap Mini Cookies remind me of autumn leaves and cold fall days, but they’re appropriate to eat all year long. They do have some spice to them, but it is not too overwhelming like lots of ginger snaps on the market.


Finally, the Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies. This is the most popular cookie flavor that every one knows and loves; I was pretty impressed with this brands’ take on the classic delicacy. There’s quite a few chocolate chips in each individual cookie with out there being too many and the flavor being nothing put pure chocolate.


This brand is great if you’re a cookie freak like me! Be sure to visit their website to learn more about the brand, the products they offer, and much more.



One lucky US reader will receive one 6 count variety pack of Home Free cookies! This giveaway will run from May 3rd, 2017 – May 17th, 2017. Please use the blue link below to enter.






This is part of a giveaway hop hosted by “The Kids Did It” and “The Mommy Island.” Click the blue rectangle below to see tons of more giveaways to enter!


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