Why I Don’t Have A Blogging “Niche”



When I first started my blog I felt like I needed to only write posts about certain things in order to be successful. I felt like if I posted too much variety that I’d be too all over the place and no one would want to read my blog.

The past few months I stopped trying to fit my blog in a box. I stopped waiting days (sometimes months) to publish a post because I was too scared it would be out of my league/category. I also stopped worrying if I lost some readers.

Please let me clarify, I love and appreciate each and every one of you who takes the time to read my posts. But, I want you guys to read my blog because you like me and the content I create and post. Not because I’m writing what I feel like I have to in order to stay relevant.


I hope that makes sense?


I’ve been asked before, “What is your blog about?” and I answer back with, “A lifestyle blog.” Because this is a blog where I share a little bit of everything life can consist of. I share recipes, favorites, reviews, giveaways, posts about my faith, being home-schooled and much more. My blog is diverse; it’s whatever is on my heart at the time.


I want my blog to be as authentic as it can be and I feel like I can do that to the best of my ability by not putting myself in a niche. Not to sound cheesy, but society forces the idea of fitting a mold into our heads at such a young age. So when we don’t conform to a mold, we feel like we’re rebelling; when really we’re not! We are simply being ourselves.

We are all individuals and we’re allowed to grow, change, and find new ways to be the best us. As bloggers, our blogs are a representation of who we are. I’m not the same person I was 5 years ago and that’s okay. My blog, just like me, will change and grow.

So, if you’re reading this right now, thank you. Thank you for hanging in there with ❤


To wrap up, If you’re starting a blog and want your first post to be a recipe and the next to be about your dog, go for it! I’m surely not going to judge you! We’re all free to be 😉


Question time:

If you run a blog, have you ever worried about fitting in?

Do you like variety or the same old same old?



41 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Have A Blogging “Niche”

  1. Yes! I actually prefer blogs with variety because I get tired of all food posts, all personal posts, etc. I think a good variety is a way to keep readers of all varieties coming back and interested!


  2. Quite honestly Edye, I thoroughly look forward to your blog. To me, your posts are like a breath of fresh air to me, always covering something of interest. Keep doing what you do, it is perfect.

    As for your first question, no, I haven’t ever worried about fitting in. I do my blog because I enjoy it. I am not there to impress anyone, but share my recipes and have fun doing it 🙂

    Have a beautiful day. x

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  3. I think you should do what you love and what feels right for you! You absolutely do not need to have a niche. I have worried about fitting because I feel like my style is so different than the majority of bloggers, but at the end of the day it’s who I am and what makes my blog unique 🙂



  4. I have a “mostly random” blog. The only consistent thing I do is review picture books. I post a picture book review every Thursday. Other than that, it’s kind of all over the place. I post stories about saints. And I post recipes. And I post whatever else I feel like posting.

    So thanks for the encouragement. I’m glad I’m not the the only one whose blog doesn’t fit in a box!


  5. I’m definitely with ya! I have way too many interests/hobbies to be forced to box myself into just one subject! 😛 I think if I had to be shoved into one, the most accurate would likely be “healthy living lifestyle blog,” haha. I do enjoy having a routine/schedule, but I like a lot of different things. :]!


  6. Thanks for sharing. I used to blog about crafts then realized I didn’t like making stuff all of the time. Sometimes it’s better to buy it vs. DIY! I just started a new blog and I feel the same way about it being a lifestyle blog. I want to talk about all sorts of ideas and share as I have them, not be tied down to just one topic. I think people appreciate authentic posts vs. phony filler posts. Just found you and will be following!


    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I’m so happy you enjoyed the post and to have you on board as a reader. I prefer authentic, variety filled blogs too. I like reading about different topics; it keeps things interesting! 🙂


  7. I like all sorts of blogs. Though mine, Delightful Repast, is a food blog, my weekly posts (for 7 years now) sometimes stray a bit from food – tea, afternoon tea, wine, travel (these are all food-“related”). I think bloggers should definitely write about what they want to write about, not just follow rules for success. I throw in the occasional review and giveaway, food- or tea-related, always something I use and enjoy myself. Sounds like lots of people enjoy your mix of topics, so you must be on the right track for you!


  8. I have been blogging since 2006. I had a similar feeling about keeping my topic “pure.” I went so far as starting a second blog for the extras. It’s hard enough to write enough for one, two makes it even harder. My following is small and my niche pretty tiny, off the grid living. I write to share my experiences and things that I have learned along the way. You’ve made me feel better about being more eclectic. – Margy


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