Fun & Nutritious Halloween Treats! feat. Bitsy Snacks!

Halloween is sweet and more often than not parents find themselves with a boatload of sugary sweets from just an hour of “trick or treating.”

While I love candy and think treats are totally ok! I mean, you gotta have fun, right?! 😉

I love the idea of being one of the houses on the block that gives a sweet treat that is filled with more wholesome and pure ingredients while still being decadent.




Bitsy does just that and offers a wide variety of snacks at an affordable price and exceptional quality.

For the spooky season, they have made custom snack packs for Halloween!

How cute are these?!



The flavor they sent me is “Chocolate Orange Beet.” Not going to lie, when I first saw the flavor I was super hesitant and skeptical. Thankfully, I was super surprised and am so pumped to give these our to my trick-or-treaters this year!


They aren’t dark brown like chocolate cookies; they do have a slight red tint, but they taste super good! I taste only chocolate and a hint of orange, no beet taste here. Just the red color, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients! Yay!


Not that beets aren’t good to some, I’m just personally not a huge fan… 😉


This brand doesn’t stop at cookies or Halloween treats, they also offer a selection of crackers as well. They offer sweet and savory options such as Cinnamon Graham and Cheddar Chia so there’s something for everyone.




There snacks are all nut free and GMO-free! Also, many of their flavors are vegan!

I love the crispy-ness of the little cookies and the chocolate/orange combo reminds me of those chocolate orange slices available around Christmas time. Anybody else remember those?!

Want to find your nearest store selling these tasty treats?! Click here for their store locator!

I’m so excited to hand these out on October 31st! I know parents will appreciate the nutritious (yet sweet) treat and will probably be searching the web for the nearest grocer that carries them. #winning

Check out the brand’s website for more details:


Question time:

What is your favorite Halloween treat?

What do you hand out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween? Candy, stickers, pencils?




Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for my honest review. That does not influence my opinion whatsoever.





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