Get Cozy With A “So Socksy” Subscription Box!

It’s the time of year to get cozy and settle in for the winter! Who says humans can’t hibernate, right?! 😉





Today, I’m super excited to introduce you guys to “So Socksy,” a monthly subscription box started in England. This box deliverers a pair of adorable ladies’ socks to your door each month. The socks come in the size UK women’s 4-7 which equals a US women’s size 6-9.




This month’s box design is a hedgehog (I think), hehe! I’m not the best at guessing animals, but you get the idea. Whatever type of critter he/she is, they’re pretty stinkin’ cute!


These socks are SUPER soft as well! I love how well made they are, and for an ankle sock, they’re very warm and cozy. Another thing, although these don;t have “grips” on the bottom, these aren’t slippery like most socks. So you should be safe running across the hardwood floors at 2 a.m. for a midnight snack without falling… 😉





Since we’re in the midst of gift giving season, I’m so happy this brand makes it super easy to gift this box to a loved one! Such a great gift for that “hard-to-buy-for-someone!”



This box is fairly new, but I can see them being a huge hit someday real soon! Thanks so much for the So Socksy team for helping be say #Imsosocksy ❤



Question time:

What is your go-to gift for that someone that’s hard to buy for?

Sleep in socks? Yay or nay?



Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my honest review. That does not influence my opinion whatsoever. All comments expressed in this post are 100% my own.





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