12 Items You Always Need In Your Office



Is it just me or does it seem like every one has an office/office area nowadays?

Ever since I became a full-time online student and blogger, I turned an extra room in my house into a makeshift office. Shout out to my family for being cool with the whole idea – y’all rock ❤


Today I’m going to be talking about the 12 necessities that I always need at my desk. I spend so many hours there each day and it can be really annoying to be in the middle of studying and need to go to the other end of the house to get something.


Water Bottle

Water is essential for all living things and just because we have our nose to the grindstone doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice our hydration levels. I find that having a cute water bottle makes me want to drink water even more! Bonus tip: Add fresh lemon or lime slices to your water to jazz it up!

Lip Balm

My lips are always chapped! So lip balm is an essential for me no matter where I am or what I’m doing. Pop one in your pencil case, makeup bag, or even in your desk drawer; I promise you’ll you use more than you think.

Hand Sanitizer

Whether your office is in your home or in a commercial building, germs are lurking! Kill those pesky critters with some hand sanitizer. In these days and times you can get just about any scent of sanitizer and it’s super cheap, too!


My mom has always scolded me for my lack of lotion use. But, as of late I’ve been doing much better with keeping my skin moisturized. Keeping a little bottle of lotion in your office will help keep dry, flaky skin at bay.


This is something that isn’t a must for everyone, but if you wear glasses (even for just reading, computer time, etc.) you need them on hand. I have 20/20 vision, but for me wearing a low prescription glass can help prevent headaches. Also, a no-scratch cloth would be a great thing to throw in the mix. Nobody wants smudgy shades!

Eye Drops

Being on the computer can cause you to blink less and can lead to irritated eyes. So, try and keep some eye drops on hand. I prefer lubricating eye drops as opposed to the redness reliving ones. I find that they keep my eyes lubricated much longer and kill that itchy feeling.


This is kind of a no-brainer, but I had to include it. Although everything seems to get more and more digital by the second, good ol’ pens are still in high demand. You might need to sign something, make a list, or write down your coworkers’ coffee orders. Plus pens in a cute cup sitting on your desk looks so cute, right?!


Some people hate pencils, some people love them. Either way I find that always having a few on hand are beneficial. I’m not the neatest writer; so if I make a mistake I don’t want to have to scratch out what I wrote or whip out the white correction fluid. Pencils are erasable and very inexpensive; and if you buy the mechanical kind there’s no need for a sharpener!


Not much to say here… If you have pencils, you need a couple eraser. Mistakes happen to us all!

Sticky Notes

I think I’m the definition of “Scatterbrained.” Sometimes I have so many ideas come to me at once and don’t have time to jot them down in an orderly fashion. This is where sticky notes come in, my friends. Not only are they handy, but they are stickable. <- Please let that be a word..!

Paper Clips

More often than not my desk is cluttered with papers galore. Thank the heavens above for paper clips. These bad boys come in handy SO much! I organize my papers to the best of my ability and combine them with a paper clip. I like these better than staples because there’s no holes made and I never have been able to load a stapler properly anyways.

Healthy Snacks

I think we all have that time of day where we’re hungry and need a little something. It’s so easy to grab something from the vending machine or from a fast food place because it’s quick. But, if you’re already prepared with yummy noms, you’ll be less tempted. A few healthy snacks that are office friendly are trail mix, nuts, dried fruit, protein/granola bars.The list could go on, but I think you guys get the idea.


I know this may seem excessive, but I like to be prepared. Also, if you get an organizer from your local office supply store, you can store most of this stuff in one little place.

Hopefully this post gave you some office inspiration!


Question time:

What is a must in your office?

Pens or pencils?


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41 thoughts on “12 Items You Always Need In Your Office

  1. I’m definitely a pen girl. That’s what white-out is for. 😉 These are some great ideas for staples to have at your desk!


  2. Great post! I have all of the same items in my makeshift office. As for the pencil or pen question, I have both! Non-mechanical pencils, colored pencils, black pens, and brush pens 🙂


  3. Awesome list !!! I use both, pencils and pens, so which ever one gets picked up, at the time gets used !
    I definitely need my diary and an emery board (nail file) for my nails 🙂 Have a great weekend


  4. Pens! In fact, pens of different colors … keeps life interesting 🙂 Love your blog! Guess what? I have selected your post to be one of my Editor’s Picks from the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop. You will be featured this coming week 🙂 We start at 7pm ET Tuesday so mark your calendar! … New follower of yours on just about everything ♥
    Sinea from Ducks ‘n a Row


    • Thank you so much, Sinea! You’ve officially made my day 🙂 I’m so glad to have you on board as a reader.

      I love colorful pens also! Especially for writing notes; they just look so much more fun and colorful ❤


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