Celebrating the holidays with StickerApp

Happy Monday, friends!


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I did a post featuring two phone cases from Caseapp.com a while back. I recently got the opportunity to work with them again and am so excited to share their new line of products with you guys.


These stickers can be found at Stickerapp.com.

They have a wide variety of stickers; over 125 to be exact. But, if you don’t see anything pre-made that you’re looking for, they even have stickers that YOU make. Yes, you can make your own stickers and they’ll ship em’ to you. How cool?

So if you want to make stickers with your pet or children’s picture on it, you can now do it! You can even add text to customize your stickers even more. So many options!


Elin and the nice people at Stickerapp sent me a couple different designs to try out for myself.



First they sent me these custom made “Happy Holidays xoxo Edye” stickers. These are so cute and since I mail giveaway packages often, I’ll be using these the rest of the holiday season. It adds a nice little bit of holiday cheer to any letter or package.




They also sent me these “Blessed” stickers. I love what a great and positive reminder they are. These can be used on lots of different things. I like putting them on notebooks, journal entries, and even letters I’ve written to people.


All in all, I really like this brand! They’re super friendly and produce really unique products; they have free shipping to the US and Canada, have really unique stickers, and even have a reorder option. The only draw back is that their stickers can be a little pricey. But, other than that, I really can’t complain.


I hope you guys enjoyed the review and be sure to check out this brand!


Disclaimer: I did receive products for review and compensation for this post. This does not influence my opinion whatsoever; all thoughts and views expressed in this post are 100% my own.



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