How To Increase Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest

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One thing I’ve learned in trying to grow my blog audience is that social media is key.

Okay, maybe not the only key, but it’s still a major key in growing any blog (in my opinion.)

Not gonna lie, being a full time student and blogger is hard. Sometimes, I struggle to keep all the plates spinning at once. Social media is a great way to grow any website. So much of my traffic has come from social media, especially Pinterest.

Pinterest is underrated a lot of the time, but it has over 100 MILLION active users. So today I’m sharing with you my own personal tips on how to grow your blog with Pinterest.

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Thinking Out Loud #2

Hello all! I hope your week has treated you nicely so far. I’ve been pretty busy this past week, so that explains why my posting has been a little less often. Thanks to Amanda for creating this awesome link-up! Let’s get into my thoughts… img_6383  

#Prayforbrussels CeL7HwVW8AU4mR6.jpg-small Tuesday morning I awoke to such sad news, as did the rest of the world. There’s so much pain going on all around the world right now. My prayers and thoughts are with all the innocent victims of this horrid incident. My heart truly aches for all the loved ones of those who lost their lives.

Braces *I would include a picture, but I just went through over 900+ photos on my camera roll and have no photos of me smiling showing my braces. Oops!* On a much lighter note, I’m finally going to get my braces off in about 4 weeks!!! I am SO excited. Since I never show my teeth in pictures, you probably didn’t know I have braces (unless you’re closely related to me.) I’ve had them for over 2.5 years and am more than ready to get them off. I’m waiting for my retainer to come in and then I go in and get them taken off. I plan on writing a “Braces 101” blog post once I get them taken off. Hopefully, those of you who are considering getting braces will find that helpful.   

PLL Finale54507197 In my last Thinking Out Loud I said I was a little confused with this season of PLL. I still kind of am, but think that this season got better as it progressed. How it ended recently was a huge shocker and has me already plotting theories for the next season. I really liked that in this season the characters are older. It was getting hard to believe they were in still high school when they looked to be in their mid 20’s. I’m really excited to see what the spring 2016 season holds. Just when I think that they have run out of a story line, they surprise me with a crazy plot twist. Who is Mrs. D’s twin???  

Souvenirs AUNT_6468My sweet aunt recently went to Paris and brought me back 2 lovely souvenirs. I got this adorable shirt, that is so comfy! And, I also got a snow globe with the Eiffel Tower in it. How cute?! These are gifts that I will always treasure ❤ Thank you, Auntie!!

Spring nails


Please excuse my horrible nail painting skills! 😉 Although yard work is probably my least favorite chore. I am pretty stoked for spring! I’m looking forward to reading outside, exploring the great outdoors and my birthday is in April 🙂 I had a busy weekend and then a ton of school work. So painting my nails hasn’t been on my “priority list,” but I love having pretty *non-chipped* nails. So, I treated myself to a at home manicure. Essie is one of my favorite nail polish brands 🙂 This color is called “Where’s my chauffeur?”


That’s all my thoughts for this week. It’s raining cats and dogs outside as I type up the remainder of this post. Oh well, March showers bring April flowers, right..? Something like that, ha! I hope you all have a great Easter weekend. Talk you in my next blog post ❤


Question time:

Have you ever had braces?

What’s one thing you love about springtime?


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New Beginnings. 

Hello! My name is Edye (E-D) and I’m a new teenage “lifestyle blogger”. I have been a reader of blogs for over a year and thought I’d finally make a blog post of my own. My life isn’t all that interesting, but maybe somebody will think it’s entertaining? I’ve gone back and forth trying to pick a first blog topic. I thought why not a good ol’ Thinking Out Loud?!  I love reading them and I love writing, so here it goes…   

Disclaimer: I wrote this post two days ago, on Thursday, and just now decided to finally post it.   Feeling under the weather. I like to think of myself as a healthy person. I eat healthy, exercise, drink lots of water, get a flu shot, etc. However, all those things (unfortunately) don’t make me exempt from the occasional cold. This past week has consisted of a sore throat, runny nose, congestion and HEADACHES!! UGH! I am slowly feeling better and more like myself day by day. I’m a Type A person, so relaxing and “taking it easy” is very difficult for me. I have a hard time letting myself relax when I have exams to study for, workouts, books to read, chores to do… But, I know that rest is a necessity for our bodies, just like air. I have tried to learn from this and not push myself so much. Practice makes perfect. 

Pretty Little Liars…? Okay, what season are we on? 5? 6? I love this show and am attached to the characters. But, honestly I’m so confused already. Who is Sara Harvey? Why didn’t we get to know Charlotte/Charlie more? So many questions. I think they’re running out of plot ideas and are grasping for straws at this point. I’m a loyal fan and will watch this show until the end, but honestly have no idea where this season will end up. I am excited to find out though!

  Super Bowl 50 Sadly, my Seattle Seahawks weren’t in the super bowl this year. I am a very loyal fan (insert fan pics here)   I was willing to root for my moms boy Peyton Manning this one time. Sunday afternoon was pretty chill. My mom, grandma and I watched the game, ate chips, rooted for the Bronco’s and they won!! YAY! Yay for my mom, not because I’m a fan 😉 Let’s talk commercials. I was a little underwhelmed with them. What’s up with Budwiser? Where’s the horses and puppies? Where’s the sappy commercials that make me have really bad allergies? The only one that stood out was the Dorito’s and Suburu commercials. Those were a solid B+. 

 Swinter I feel like it’s 2011 and I’m back in my pink bedroom watching Phineas and Ferb. Winter this year has been all over the place. Hot one day, cold the next. Mother nature has been really odd recently. I’m no Al Roker, but I know this whole El Niño thing is messing with winter’s mojo. #ThanksPhil    

Well that a wrap! I think I could get used to this whole blogging thing 😉 Hope you all have a fabulous weekend ❤ 

Question time: 

Do you watch PLL? What do you think of this season?

 Who’d you root for in the Super Bowl? Broncos or Panthers? 

Comments, questions, post requests? Leave em below!                                                                                             

Thanks for reading, Edye