Review: Divina Organics

The Brand:

Monica from Divina Organics was so kind and sent me some of her products all the way from the UK to review. I was originally going to do my review on Pinterest, but that limits me to 500 characters or less. Considering Monica sent me several lovely products, I wanted to give her a more in depth review. All of Divina’s products are cruelty, paraben and silcone free, and certified organic! How great?! Now onto¬†the review….


The Products:


Pro Age Renew Serum:

This product is a skin care treatment for mature skin. Since I’m a teenager, I gave this to my grandmother to try. So, I’m going to be paraphrasing her thoughts ūüôā She said she loved the¬†subtle scent and how moisturizing it was. She said her skin felt refreshed and hydrated after only using this once.


Pure Rose Facial Mist:

This product smells just like a fresh bouquet of roses! Most toners I’ve tried have burned my face. Thankfully, this one did¬†not. I love that it’s in a spray bottle, it makes it cooling to the face and very refreshing. I found myself spraying this on my face to freshen up my skin throughout the day.



Precious Oil:

This is another product my grandmother tried. She used it for areas where she had a wrinkle or some dry skin. She told me it was super hydrating and that a little bit goes a long way. The oil is enriched with argan and macadamia oils, to name a few. ¬†It’s¬†also vegan, yay!!!


Hydra Colour Lipstick & Vitamin E Lip Care

*I don’t believe the hydra colour lipstick is available for sale currently, but will be soon!*¬†The lipstick itself is a lovely fuchsia shade with purple undertones. It’s very smooth and moisturizing. Unfortunately,¬†it’s not very long lasting. I find the wearing time to be about 1-3 hours.¬†The lip care is very moisturizing! I would even use it on my cuticles if they were extremely dry. Vitamin E is one of my favorite moisturizers!


Cucumber Cleansing Milk:

This product I was a little disappointed in. I have oily/combo skin, and I found this to be a little too moisturizing. Although, if you have¬†dry skin this would be great for you. It just doesn’t coincide with my skin type.


French Pink Clay Mask:

This product smells lovely. I put this on my face for about 5-10 minutes then washed it off. My face felt very refreshed, but not oily. Which is great. I love that it doesn’t dry so hard that your face can’t move. I loved this product!!


Liquid Foundation:

*This product isn’t currently available for sale in Monica’s¬†shop.* She sent me this in order to try and give my honest feedback on. I actually really liked the¬†product. I was sent the perfect color, it blended in smoothly, and lasted pretty long (with a foundation primer). I’m hoping Monica adds this to her shop soon!

The Takeaway:

Overall I’d give this company a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Monica¬†was so sweet and my package arrived save and sound all the way from across the pond. The only big drawback for me was that¬†there’s no directions on the products. I had to go onto her Etsy store to see how to properly use the products. These are a little more expensive than your typical drugstore skincare products, however they’re really worth it. These products are all homemade, certified organic, all natural, and Monica¬†really cares about what going into her products. She’s always open for feedback in order to better her company and her products. The products featured in this post are just a few of what Monica has to offer. So, go have a look around by clicking here. She ships worldwide!


Thanks for taking the time to read this review, and thank you Monica for the lovely products. Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. See you soon ‚̧


Thanks for reading,