How To Increase Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest

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One thing I’ve learned in trying to grow my blog audience is that social media is key.

Okay, maybe not the only key, but it’s still a major key in growing any blog (in my opinion.)

Not gonna lie, being a full time student and blogger is hard. Sometimes, I struggle to keep all the plates spinning at once. Social media is a great way to grow any website. So much of my traffic has come from social media, especially Pinterest.

Pinterest is underrated a lot of the time, but it has over 100 MILLION active users. So today I’m sharing with you my own personal tips on how to grow your blog with Pinterest.

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Summer ’16 Playlist

Happy Tuesday! I’m a huge music lover! I love finding new (and old) songs to listen to. Lately I’ve been loving Spotify. It’s a great place to find new music, make playlists, and listen to whole albums. They have pretty … Continue reading

Workout Playlist #1



Hello blog readers! I don’t know if I’ve ever shared my love for health and fitness on the blog before. It’s something I’m pretty passionate about and really enjoy. As you guys know, I love music! So, this post will consist of my 2 of my favorite things music + exercise 🙂 I don’t know about you guys, but I HAVE to have music in order to workout efficiently. Otherwise a 20-30 minute workout feels like an hour long, and I don’t end up giving it my all. I just made a playlist on Spotify of some of my favorite workout songs. My music taste is pretty vast. I love pop, progressive christian, and a little country. So here’s some songs I’ve been recently loving to workout to:


I know this post was pretty quick, but hopefully I gave you guys some new music to enjoy. They’re all upbeat/carefree songs that you can workout or dance to! I’m pretty sure dancing counts as exercise right?! 😉

Question time:

What’s one song you’ve been loving lately?

Do you listen to music when you workout?


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Friday Favorites #2

Wow. I can’t believe we’re already at another weekend. I’m typing this up on Thursday night and feel like it was just Monday. I loved doing my last Friday Favorites and I think you guys enjoyed reading it. So I thought why not make another one?!  friday favesBioré Pore Strips   IMG_6436 I love these things! I’ve ran out of them long ago, and finally restocked. Boy, am I glad I did. I have combination skin, and tend to get awful blackheads around my nose. So I put one of these on my nose for about 15 minutes and my nose looks SO much better now. If your on the fence about getting these or face masks tend to dry out your skin, try these. Right now they have cute animal print ones (hence the zebra nose strip)  

Free Coffee   IMG_6434 I  go to Dunkin’ Donuts pretty often. So every once and a while I get free drinks by using the DD Perks app. I was so excited to give myself some midday energy after grocery shopping. It’s the little things 🙂 ❤

Music I think I’ll probably include music in most of friday favorites posts. I love music!

Scars To Your Beautiful – Alessia Cara If you are feeling down about yourself, please listen to this. I cannot express how much I appreciate this song. It reminds us that we’re beautiful and you don’t have to change who you are. You’re the best you, you can be. You’re enough ❤

Work From Home – Fifth Harmony Yes, I’m a big fan of 5H. I’m so excited for their new album 7/27. Even if you’re not into girl groups, I still recommend this song. It doesn’t have a lot of depth, but it is sooo catchy 😉

Life Is Worth Living – Justin Bieber “Love Yourself” is still my favorite off his new album, but this one’s a close second. This song has such a deep, relatable meaning to it. The title sums it up. Life is worth living. Even when it gets hard. Even when we want to give up. Life is beautiful, every second of every day. And, it is most definitely worth living.  

This Quote pin Real talk: I got a grade on an exam that was less than what I wanted. I felt so down about it hours after. I sat down and kept thinking about how I screwed up and could’ve done better. When really, I gave it my all. I could’ve gotten a better grade sure. But, I couldn’t have done better, because I did my best. A couple hours later I picked myself up, worked out and listened to some positive music. I felt 100% better. I also prayed for God to help me accept that I’m not perfect and that that’s okay. Moral of this rant is that our thoughts are so powerful. Don’t be so hard on yourself, it’s okay to mess up! You’re amazing just the way you are ❤  

That’s a wrap for this week. Before I go I wanted to say that I’m now on Blog Lovin’. I know a lot of people prefer to follow blogs that way instead of email. So, I set one up for Gracefulcoffee.


Question time:

What’s one thing you’ve been loving recently?!

Do you prefer to follow blogs via email or Blog lovin’? 


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