Day In The Life #2 – Windy Days

Buenos dias, mi amigos! Today I’m going to be doing another “Day In The Life” post. I haven’t done one of these in a super long time and my life has changed quite a bit since my last one. So, if … Continue reading

A Day In The Life Of A Home Schooler #1

Hey guys! I hope your Wednesday is off to a great start. Most of you probably don’t know that I have been home schooled all my life. My mom taught me up until high school and then I switched over to online. Since most people aren’t home schooled, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek into my daily life. Let’s go!

7:40 a.m – I wake up, look at the clock, and force myself to go back to sleep.

9:09 a.m – I wake up for real this time. I unlock my iPod touch and check Youtube. I watch some videos for a couple lot of minutes.

9:45 a.m – My alarm goes off. I have no clue why I set it everyday when I always wake up before it, haha! I read my Jesus Calling and Staying Strong 365 devotionals for the day. Then, I give my hamster fresh food/water, get out of my PJ’s and head to the kitchen for coffee.

10:00 a.m – COFFEE TIME! *Probably one of my favorite parts of the day* 🙂 I make me a big cup of coffee with my Keurig and read a little bit on my Kindle, while I drink it.


10:20 a.m – For some reason I prefer not to drink my coffee while I eat my breakfast. So after I finish my coffee I then make my breakfast. I put the banana (sliced) on top of the bread and eat it like an open faced sandwich. YUM.IMG_6415

      oatmeal, banana, and 2 pieces of whole wheat toast.

10:35 a.m. – Clean up my dishes and brush my teeth.

10:40 a.m  – Realize it’s Tuesday and that it’s time to clean my hamster’s cage. I put him in his ball and go to work…


                             Hello, Strudel!                   

11:00 a.m – Finally, I log onto my school’s website and begin my work for the day.IMG_6418

     English Overload

2:00 p.m – Lunch time. I have an extra toasted (aka almost burned) blueberry bagel with natural PB, and a glass of chocolate almond milk.  I am a creature of habit, so this is my lunch 5 days out of the week #noshame


2:20 p.m – Back to school.

4:00 p.m – I’m all done with school and relax for a few minutes.

4:15 p.m – I get into my workout clothes, grab my earphones and begin my workout.

4:40 p.m – Workout complete! I mainly do a cardio workout that I made up myself 😉 Now I get onto Linda (my laptop), check emails and begin writing this post.

5:30 p.m. – I step away from the computer and go make myself some dinner.IMG_6422

6:00 p.m – Finish dinner, do dishes, chat with the family.

7:00 p.m – I crochet while I watch Pretty Little LiarsIMG_6423

 8:00 p.m – I take a nice hot shower and get into my cute “chill” PJ’s from TargetIMG_6424

8:25 p.m – I sit in the recliner, read on my kindle, and snack on a protein bar.

9:10 p.m – I finish my reading and head onto Youtube.

10:30 p.m – Join my mom in a murder mystery marathon and snack on a few grapes and some yogurt. We love watching reality crime shows.  Although, I could only made it through less than one episode without falling asleep, oops!

*Time Unknown* – I awake from my cat nap and decide it’s time for bed. I brush my teeth, check on Strudel, and hop into bed.

There you have it, that’s a typical day in the life of me. Not too exciting, but hopefully you guys enjoyed it. Have a lovely rest of your week ❤


Question time:

What do you put on your bagels? 

Ebooks or “real” books?


Thanks for reading,