How To Increase Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest

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One thing I’ve learned in trying to grow my blog audience is that social media is key.

Okay, maybe not the only key, but it’s still a major key in growing any blog (in my opinion.)

Not gonna lie, being a full time student and blogger is hard. Sometimes, I struggle to keep all the plates spinning at once. Social media is a great way to grow any website. So much of my traffic has come from social media, especially Pinterest.

Pinterest is underrated a lot of the time, but it has over 100 MILLION active users. So today I’m sharing with you my own personal tips on how to grow your blog with Pinterest.

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Home Style Egg Scramble Feat. Pete And Gerry’s Eggs

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Hello! I have no idea why I decided to create a blog today or why anyone would read it. But, I’ll give it my best shot. First let me start off by telling you a little about me.

  • 1). I’m Girl
  • 2). I’m a Christian
  • 3). I love writing (that’s probably why this blog exists)
  • 4). I am a very old soul. I love baking, reading, crocheting etc.
  • 5). I love academia and learning
  • 6). I love people! Babies, kids, adults etc.
  • 7). I’m home schooled
  • 8). Coffee is my addiction (hence the URL)

That’s all I can think of for now… Anyways, this blog will consist of reviews, my opinions, what’s on my heart/mind and anything I can think of. Thank you for reading this! I hope you enjoy this blog and whatever it consists of. Sincerely, Edye

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