My Braces Experience

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After almost 3 long years, I finally got to get my braces off. So I’m coming at you guys today with a post all about braces. So if you’re thinking about getting braces or are just curious about them, this post should answer your questions.

Before & After:

Getting them put on:


I’m sure the first thing you’re wondering is, how long did it took to get them on. From what I can remember it took about 1.5 hours. It takes a while to get them on because each bracket has to be perfectly aligned by the orthodontist so your teeth will shift in the proper direction. It didn’t hurt getting them put on, but about 24 hours later the pain came on, strong.

The waiting:

The morning after getting them put on I was in pretty bad pain. As you can tell from the before and after pictures, my teeth were very crooked and I had a big overbite. So I suppose that’s why I had a lot of pain. I had a headache, every tooth in my mouth was very tender and my gums were sore from the metal in my mouth. This lasted for about a 5-7 days. After that my mouth and I got adjusted to the braces. I recommend eating soft foods and drinking warm beverages like hot cocoa, tea, or coffee. Also, ice cream makes a great dessert 😉


After getting them applied I had to go back every 6 weeks to get new rubber bands put on. Sometimes I’d get a new wire, wedge, bite block, etc. Yes, after almost 3 years I know several “dental terms”, ha! Once my teeth started progressing I got rubber bands. Yes, they’re just what they sound like. Little rubber bands that hook onto your braces to help maintain teeth alignment. To be 100% real with you, they hurt. My mouth had to get used to them, and like the braces it took about 7 days. At this point I kept wearing my rubber bands,  going back every 6 weeks for adjustments, listening to what the orthodontist told me, and waiting (not so patiently)…

Getting them off:

I got fitted for my retainers,which was totally painless! Then I waited about 4 weeks and my dentist called me letting me know they were in. I was so excited! I thought they’d “melt” the glue off my teeth and then the braces would come off. But, they actually used a pair of dental pliers (pictured above) to remove them. It honestly didn’t hurt, but I felt a lot of pressure on my teeth. It took about 20 minutes to get them off. Super quick! The orthodontist came in and used a buffer (I think that’s what it’s called) to buff the extra glue off of my teeth. That didn’t really hurt either. The removal process was 90% pain free, yay!



Once everything was removed, I tried on my retainer for the first time. I had no idea what they looked like. They’re pretty much two wires that have been molded to keep your teeth  in place, and prevents them from reverting back to how they were before braces. One goes on top and one on bottom. They’re less noticeable than braces and everyone’s orthodontist tells them how long they should wear their retainer. For me it’s 1 year, then after that, only when I sleep. I only should take it out when I’m eating or brushing my teeth. At first I hated it. But, now I’m pretty used to it. My teeth were a little tender a few days after getting my braces off, but now feel fine.


Tips, tricks & advice:

  1. Stick with it! I know it can get annoying wearing your rubber bands or brushing your teeth after every meal, but it’s for your best interest.
  2. Try different colored bands. This is something I wish I could tell my younger self. I was so worried about what others would thin that I only got a color one time. Otherwise, I’d just get silver to match my wires. The one time I got pink, I loved it. Besides, if you regret the color you can get a new one in about 6 weeks.
  3. Foods I ate when my mouth hurt: oatmeal, soup, ice cream, banana, yogurt, soft sandwiches, pasta, smoothies.
  4. Take pictures! Believe it or not this is a pretty memorable time. More than likely you’ll have braces only once, so make the most out of it. Document this time in your life. Your older self will thank you later.


That’s all I can think of for today! Thank you guys so much for taking the time to read this. I hope I covered it all, but if you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. ❤ ❤

Question time:

Have you ever had braces?

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