Unwrap A Sweet Surprise by Chuao Chocolatier!

Gifting chocolate is one of the most universal ways to brighten up someone’s day!

As a chocolate (and all things sweet) connoisseur, I was so excited to collaborate with a brand I had heard such great things about – Chuao Chocolatier!



About the brand:

at chuao (chew-wow) chocolatier, we believe joy is a positive, grateful energy that connects with people and awakens their curiosity towards a higher vibe. in engineering terms, love is equivalent to potential energy while joy is equivalent to kinetic energy. we believe joy is an action and an expression. that is the wonder of joy. we ask all to choose joy with us, and together let’s activate change through chocolate to make this world a more unified, joyful, and colorful place.

we are crafters of pleasure through chocolate and delight in engaging your senses with creative flavor combinations and decadent chocolate experiences. we use european chocolate making techniques, crafting our confections with close attention to the quality of each small batch from start to finish. our chocolate is crafted with our proprietary blend of fair trade certified chocolate, offering a truly exquisite flavor profile. we use recipes in a kitchen, not formulas in a lab, and believe that the best ingredients are found in nature and crafted with care. our chocolate reflects a commitment to fresh ingredients, free of artificial preservatives, additives, fat substitutes, colorings, and flavorings.

our ancestors instilled in us a respect for cacao and the people who grow it. therefore, we partner with purveyors who share our interest in quality ingredients, sustainable farming, and ethical business practices. we are working on bringing all aspects of chuao up to sustainable standards through our relationships. by focusing our sourcing on quality, environmentally, and socially conscious ingredients, we are seeking to ensure that sustainable joy can be extended to every part of our products and business.


These chocolates are amazing! They are so smooth and flavorful! Also, I love the unique flavors like Firecracker which is rich dark chocolate with yummy popping candies inside!

I also loved the Mintfully Brownie, I am not one to pick favorites, but have to say this flavor did steal my heart 😉 ❤




I admire this companies’ ethics and transparency immensely! Not only are they offering uniquely designed flavors to appeal to all palettes, but they are also ethically striving to wholesome ingredients obtained in an ethical manner that is not only good for the world, but for the people in it.


This treat is the perfect “pick me up” after a long day, a sweet treat after dinner, or any time in-between. I also want to share that this chocolate is not too sweet, but still satisfies your sweet tooth. I have yet to make s’mores with these products but think it is going to be an amazing treat (if I do say so myself..)


I cannot thank Chuao Chocolatier enough for allowing me the opportunity to try their chocolates and review them.


I know you guys will love this brand just as much as I do! It truly is love at first bite! Additionally, the packaging is so sleek and elegant. It’s like unwrapping a present when you open a brand new bar ❤


Check out more about Chuao Chocolate by visiting them online: WebsiteFacebookInstagram



Disclaimer: These products were provided to me in exchange for my honest review. That does not influence my opinion whatsoever.


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