Thunderbird Real Food Bars! {Review}

They say never judge a person (or brand) by their name, but when I saw that Thunderbird Bars listed “REAL FOOD” in their title, I definitely was drawn in.

There are SO many different kinds of protein bars, snack bars, etc. in every grocery store and even gas stations! Unfortunately, there packed with added sugars, questionable ingredients, and preservatives that cannot be pronounced.

This brand is blazing their own trail and not only creating snack bars that aren’t your same old “chocolate” or “vanilla,” but they’re creating unique flavors rich in vitamins and nutrients to power us through our days.




About the brand:

“Founded in the beautifully weird city of Austin, TX, Thunderbird Real Food Bars was crafted by endurance athletes with the simple belief that eating genuinely healthy food doesn’t have to mean sacrificing taste or convenience.

By using only 4 types of ingredients (fruits, nuts, seeds, spices, and absolutely nothing else) Thunderbird Real Food Bars are naturally both plant based/vegan and paleo certified. We start with fruit without adding a drop of sugar or sweetener, so you get to enjoy the vibrant, sweet flavors of fruit that nature gives us. Then, we add a variety of nuts for texture, healthy fats, and plant based protein. We follow up by adding omega 3-rich, nutritious seeds. Finally, we add vibrant spices to add dynamic flavors in every bite. We also always ensure that we add superfoods to each bar such as turmeric and goji berries to ensure we’re optimizing health at every turn.

With Thunderbird Real Food Bars, you don’t have to comprise. With every bar, you get to indulge your cravings while elevating your health. Gone are the days where you have to sacrifice taste for nutrition. Let’s get back to enjoying food again.” (**)




I was sent a variety of bars to try and review and loved each flavor for its individuality. Each bars was so unique, but some standards were prevalent in each bars such as chewy texture, not overly sweet, not dry, no oily residue, no bad after-taste!

These bars are filling and are the perfect pre-workout or post-workout snack. Or, you could enjoy them any time in between as well 😉


These flavors are so unique and I love it when a company takes a risk like that. Props to Thunderbird!


Be sure to check out their website here and their Facebook page here!


Want 10% off your order?! Use this link:





Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for my honest review. That does not influence my opinion whatsoever.


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