Power UP Your Day with Everly Drink Mix!

In a days time, I drink a TON of water!

Not only has my skin gotten clearer in the last few years, but I seen lots of positive changes to my health in various other ways. Water is such a blessing and our bodies need it to thrive (and merely survive.)

I personally can appreciate plain water and flavored water. Although, I know some people can only consume water if it is flavored. Unfortunately, a lot of these “water flavor additives” have yucky dyes and questionable, unpronounceable ingredients.

Thanks to progressive, conscious brands like Everly, the world of drink mixes are forever changing!



Everly comes as a concentrated powder that you add to water.  In fact, one pouch of Everly makes the equivalent of 40 cans of soda.  That means when you choose Everly, you are helping the planet by reducing packaging waste and energy use. (*)






About the brand:


Everly started in 2012 with a crazy idea: what if we could make a drink mix that was both natural and sugar-free?  Several months later, we launched on Kickstarter and exceeded our goal by 200%!  With amazing feedback from a group of early adopters, we’ve expanded into new flavors and product lines.  We still love getting together as a team to test out new recipes.

Our mission is to help you become the best version of yourself and that starts with drinking enough water every day!  It may seem like a small thing, but hydration plays an incredibly important role in your energy levels, appearance, and overall health.  Imagine being able to really show up for the most important moments in your life 🙂

At Everly, we believe that hydration should be available to everyone.  That’s why we’re helping put an end to dehydration caused by waterborne diseases.  As part of our Hydration for Hydration initiative, we’ve donated over 1 million packets of life-saving rehydration salts to our non-profit partner ColaLife. (**)


I love the resealable pouch and how only 1 tsp. is needed for  16 oz. of water! A little goes a long way!



I think this would also be yummy in sparkling water – kind of like a a sparkling mocktail!

As pictures above, I was sent the Energy Mix in “grape” and the Hydration Mix in “fruit tea.” Both were lovely!

The flavors are super refreshing and you cannot tell they’re sugar free at all. These are also KETO, gluten free and naturally flavored.

I love the wide variety of flavors this brand has to offer. Also, they offer hydration mixes, energy mixes, and belly health mixes so there’s something for everyone.


Be sure to check out the brands website and Instagram for more scoop on all things Everly!



Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for my honest review. That does not influence my opinion whatsoever.







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