Get Bundled Up with Bundlez Socks!

As I’ve gotten older I have learned to appreciate a good sock. I know it might sound silly, but nothing beats a pair of nice, warm, soft, socks!

Also, they are great gift ideas for that person who has everything or is hard to buy for.


Great companies like Bundlez Socks are making gift giving (and receiving 😉 ) super easy!

This subscription box service starts at $12 per month and you can customize your box to fit your needs! You can change the quantity of socks, size, etc. to make sure you get what you want.

This brand also donates 10% of profits each month to a selected charity!



Pictured above, is the box that I was sent to review! I love the cute designs and the softness of the socks!

These socks are super soft and aren’t too tight on the feet! They keep them warm without suffocating them. The socks also feature nylon & spandex to provide a stretch material that is tear resistant for a contoured fit. To ensure the socks stay in place without pinching or rubbing.

Yes, I know.. I’m quite picky with my socks, ha!



Read below to hear a few words from the founder —>

“Hey it’s Le founder of Bundlez Socks. I’ve always had a passion for wearing bright colorful and unique socks. It’s time to get rid of your old, dull boring socks. Bundlez Socks is about being bold, vibrant, eclectic and uniquely you! Each month you will receive one, two or three pairs of high quality, colorful epic designed styles right to your door step. I personally invite you to join the team and start being uniquely you!”

  • Our socks are colorful, comfy and we use 200 needle stitch process
  • Lightweight, breathable and hugging fit all day
  • High quality, standard in comfort and great material blend
  • We make it easy to cancel, skip a month or pause at anytime. No questions asked.
  • We donate 10% of our profits to a different charity each month


Our Vision

At Bundlez Socks, our main goal is to cater to the unique sock needs of our team members so that they no longer have to spend a lot of time, effort and most importantly, money to gain access to their favorite colorful, boldly styled and epic designed socks. We want you to be confident and uniquely you every day.

We invite you to a whole new sock experience.


Overall, this box is a great gift for anyone – yourself included! I love wearing cute socks and think it’s a great way to express ones’ quirkiness/personality.

Check out all the brand has to offer here! They also sell socks individually so if you find a pair you love so much you need two pairs (or ten) you can buy all your heart desires ❤


Disclaimer: I received this box in exchange for my honest review. That does not influence my opinion whatsoever.



2 thoughts on “Get Bundled Up with Bundlez Socks!

  1. Wow! There is truly a subscription box for everything!!! I never knew you could get a monthly box of socks.

    It’s okay to be picky about your socks. Really. I am so picky. I also hate having more than one type of sock. I bought socks several months ago, but they were different from my old socks. I threw away ALL of my old socks (even the ones that were still wearable) just so that all my socks were identical. Yeah, I’m THAT picky about my socks.

    Great post. If I didn’t have that identical sock requirement, I would totally try this out. I do have a cousin that might enjoy this though…


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