Small Batch Crispy Rice Birds Nest Treats Recipe!

Good day to all!


Spring has sprung and the fun has begun!  <— See how bad I am at rhyming..?

Anywho, today I wanted to pop in and share a simple and yummy recipe that can be made in under 25 minutes!

Crispy Rice Birds Nest TREATS


Insert, Crispy Rice Birds Nest Treats! These are a fun take on the classic crispy rice cereal treats mixed with marshmallows that we all know and love. Only these bad boys are topped with a little coconut and other confections for a little added sweetness and cuteness.



This recipe is “Small-Batch.” Meaning, it only makes about 8-10 nests (depending on how big you make them). This portion size is perfect for snacking and the quantity is perfect for a small family like mine. #partyof3 🙂





Hopefully you guys enjoy the recipe and give it a try! These can be made any color and any time of year. I just thought a “birds nest” would be fun for the springtime!





2 1/4 cups of crispy rice/puffed rice cereal

1.5 Tablespoons of butter or margarine

7 oz. of full, regular sized marshmallows

Food coloring (I used green)

Coconut flakes  (for topping)

Mini Candies, Jellybeans, and/or Mini Rainbow Marshmallows (for topping)






  1. Melt butter/margarine in a pan over low hear until completely melted.
  2. Add in marshmallows and continually stir with a non-stick spatula (or a spoon sprayed with cooking spray) until all the marshmallows are melted.
  3. Remove the pan from heat.
  4. Add in 2-4 drops of food coloring and mix until evenly distributed.
  5. Add in crispy rice cereal a little at a time and slowly stir all the contents together until everything is well blended.
  6. Spray a muffin pan well with cooking spray (even if it is non-stick!) and your hands so the mixture won’t stick to them either!
  7. Be careful, the mixture may still be warm. Scoop out a small amount and place into each individual section of greased muffin pan. Having cooking spray on your hands will help you press the mixture into the muffin pan to form a “nest” shape.
  8. Cool for 2-4 hours in the refrigerator before adding your toppings!
  9. ENJOY!




These were really fun to make and always go over great at parties, both big and small! I Hope you guys enjoyed this fun little recipe post. Let me know if you like these small-batch recipes and I’ll share more soon.


Hoppy Spring! ❤




Question of the day:

What is your favorite thing about spring?

Has spring sprung where you live?



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