Snack A Little More Fruity ft. Bear Nibbles



I love fruity, chewy snacks, but nowadays they’re packed with sugar and questionable ingredients. Thankfully, brands like “Bear Nibbles” is changing the game and bringing back real ingredient snacks.





I love their yummy “Yoyo’s” which are soft yet chewy fruit leathers that are great for kids of all ages. I really enjoy the texture and the flavor! They aren’t artificial tasting at all, but still satisfy your sweet tooth.


They’re the perfect size and portion for snacking or for a sweet-treat! I love that they’re vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and also that they have no added sugar. The ingredients are so minimal, simple, and pronounceable, YAY!






Want to know a little bit more about this brand? Read their store below!!



“Hayley named her company BEAR after an article she read in 2009 that sounded all too familiar…The article studied bears that had drifted into cities to forage from behind junk food joints and bins. These city slickers were 30% fatter than their wild bear friends eating salmon and berries.

They were also 30% less active than the wild bears, and sadly all dead by the age of 10…whilst over 60% of the wild bears lived on healthily. This felt like a really simple picture of what BEAR was trying to do – to help people get back to eating as nature intended.” (*)


Also, their around the world with BEAR campaign: each pack comes with a collectible card of a different country.  The cards are awesome and have fun facts about the country, how to say hello in their language and the deadly creatures that live there.  If you collect and mail in 10 BEARcodes (from on the packs) you get a handwritten letter from BEAR, a large world map and a flag sticker page so that you can track where BEAR has been once you collect the cards. Beary cool, huh? 😉



This brand really took the time to do research in finding ingredients friendly for little tikes dental and physical health; which is so admirable. There is a full cup of fruit in each pack of Yoyos! Being a big kid myself, I still appreciate the kind gesture. Also, the packaging is pretty cute 😉

I mean, who doesn’t love a grizzly bear? Right?!



Check out their site for more details about this brand and where you can buy a box near you: 

Click here to see their Amazon page!


p.s. During the month of August 2018 they’re offering 40% off all flavors! Be sure to check out the sweet sale!




Disclaimer: I received this product(s) in exchange for my honest review. That does not influence my opinion whatsoever. 


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