Laugh Your Tail Off With The Movie “Unleashed” (+giveaway)

Any movie with a dog or cat in it automatically gets one thumb (paw?) up from me. So, when I got the pleasure of watching the movie “Unleashed,” I was super delighted.




This movie is not very well heard of, but is a great Friday night flick for when you don’t know what to watch. The romance is sweet and there is never a dull moment. Also, it has a couple cute one-liner moments as well 😉





Movie Synopsis:


“Emma, a brilliant but awkward app designer, moves to San Francisco with her adorable cat and energetic mutt after her boyfriend betrays her. One night, drawn by the light of a supermoon, Emma’s pets escape into the night and are transformed into adult men, forcing Emma to reconsider her outlook on dating and work on her trust issues.”



Movie Trailer:





This movie is technically “unrated,” but if I were to rate it I’d say ages 13+. This movie is a pretty family friendly movie, but it does have some mild innuendo that might inappropriate for super young eyes. Other than that, I think all ages would get a kick out of this!


I love supporting “smaller” films that are lesser known, but equally as good as what’s playing in the local cinema.



I’m extra pumped to giveaway one DVD copy of “Unleashed” to one lucky US reader. This giveaway will run from July 1, 2018 – July 15th, 2018. Please use the blue link below to enter.








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