Brush Naturally With Bristle Brothers! (+giveaway)

I love supporting (and spreading the word) about brands that care about the earth. Today’s post is highlighting another one of those 🙂


Meet the “Bristle Brothers” —-






The BB’s have put together a toothbrush subscription box that can be sent quarterly, monthly, and they also offer a one-time ship box, too!





These toothbrushes are made of bamboo, and unlike your basic toothbrushes, they’re biodegradable in 5 years and are compostable. Since they are bamboo, I was worried that the bristles would be rough on my gums and teeth… Thankfully, these are soft (yet firm) and don’t bug me at all.



This is a product I totally think is worth the investment! You’re not only saving money, but the planet as well. How much better can you get?



I found the answers to 2 questions, I myself was asking when I first discovered this brand. I thought you might find the info fascinating!



Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is amazing! It’s a strong, beautiful, and renewable grass. It grows quickly and has more uses than we can count. Bamboo will not sit in our landfills for thousands of years like other materials we’ve found acceptable in the past. In fact, you could throw your used Bristle Brothers toothbrush into your own back yard and watch it deteriorate naturally, bristles and all!

If we look at all the benefits of using this compostable bamboo brush against the long list of reasons against using a standard plastic brush, the question is not “Why bamboo?”, but rather “Why plastic?”



How does one toothbrush make an impact?



Have you heard the saying little raindrops make a waterfall?  It starts with you.  Choose Bristle Brothers Bamboo Toothbrushes and share the news about your commitment to a sustainable livelihood.  Every time we use Bristle Brothers bamboo Toothbrushes, we know that we have done a little more for ourselves and our planet!



Now you know a little more about the brand and how you can help impact the planet by using their toothbrushes! I genuinely love these tooth brushes and their eco-friendlyness! 🙂



Enter the giveaway below to win your very own Bristle Brother’s prize pack. This giveaway will run from May 18th, 2018 – June 1st, 2018 —->








Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my honest review. That does not influence my opinion whatsoever.


23 thoughts on “Brush Naturally With Bristle Brothers! (+giveaway)

  1. I want to win because I have had my eye on this type of toothbrush for years, long before they were “hip” 🙂 I owned a similar type of one when we lived in Australia five years ago, and I loved it.


  2. I think taking a small step towards being more mindful about the products we buy is important, and I am curious about the bamboo bristles!


  3. I’d love to reduce my impact on the environment, even if it is small. Thanks for the giveaway, looks like a great product.


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