6 Ways I’m Loving My Body This Year!

I love being open and honest with you guys. My blog is kind of like a journal laying open waiting for somebody to come along and read a page or two.

Well, in today’s chapter I’m talking about self-love. I don’t want this to come off as a cheesy “Be the BEST you in 2018” or “Start loving your body today!” kind of post. Because, let’s get real, that’s just not how it goes.



This photo was taken on my 16th birthday a couple years ago. I hesitated posting it due to my body image issues. I feel like the dress is too short and my legs look “fat.” What a lie! My legs are fine and I am worthy of wearing whatever I want.


Learning to love ourselves and our bodies is hard. It’s work. In a world consumed by numbers and status, we’re fighting an uphill battle. I have so not reached the top of this mountain, but I am making teeny-tiny baby steps every day. Here’s a few of those to give you guys an idea of where to start —>

1 … I’m taking my medicine! — I used to be ashamed to say that I took medication on the daily. I was afraid people would call me a “pill popper” or say that I didn’t need it. When in all reality, I do! I have daily headaches and I need medication to help me with it. That’s nothing to be ashamed of and I’m done running to the bathroom to take my meds. My doctor prescribed them for a reason and I am doing nothing wrong. I am taking care of my body shamelessly.


2 … I eat more of what I want! — The past 5 or so years I’ve had a roller-coaster relationship with food. I restricted my intake down to a very unhealthy amount and I saw great damage to my physical and mental health. Now, I’m somewhere in the middle. I still have days where eating enough is less than easy and I miss the rigidity of my old ways. But, by freeing myself from that old lifestyle, I’ve opened the door to so much more. More energy, more yummy foods, more life! Recovery is a choice I must make on the daily.


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When life gives you burrito bowls, you eat them. Right?!

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3 … I go to bed early! — I used to feel worthless and lazy if I went to bed before 10 p.m. What a dumb, self-made rule? If my body and mind are tired I’m not going to be 100% at whatever I’m doing anyway, right?! Our bodies need rest to run properly. Sitting and staring at a textbook for another hour isn’t going to make my GPA higher if I’m not absorbing a single thing from it.




4 … I buy myself things! — I used to feel guilty for buying myself something as necessary toothpaste. Seriously, I felt like that money should be donated to a charity or something rather than to my bathroom cabinet. I know this is really extreme, but it’s honestly the truth. I love giving so much that I forget I need to give to myself and that does not make me selfish in the slightest.


5 … I’m not pressuring myself as much! — I pressure myself a lot. Especially when school is involved. I’m going to be completely honest with you guys. This past month my GPA went down. Not a lot, but still, it went down. The old me would have freaked out, stayed up all night studying, and punished myself by depriving myself of something “impromptu” that I wanted. I’m proud to say that I’m done with that vicious cycle. I know that I can get my GPA back to where it was before the semester is over and if I don’t, I’m honestly OK with that, too. I’m not letting a number consume me a moment longer. MY intelligence is worth so much more that a number.





6. I lean on my Savior! — This is something that I could write its’ own post on. In times where I doubt myself and feel unworthy, I forget that my body and life were bought at a price by Jesus’ blood. I  forget that Jesus doesn’t care about one’s body and flesh, but their heart and actions. In times where I feel unworthy or scared, I picture Jesus sitting next to me. I wonder if he’d be proud? I wonder if he’d be sad or angered by my action?

I don’t know about you. But, as a Christian, this keeps me very accountable. Also, it helps me be nicer to myself because I know The Lord wants me to love myself whom he has created.




I hope this post brightened up your day and reminded you that you are amazing! I know there’s 7 billion people in the world and you feel insignificant sometimes, but please know that I mean this with all my heart. You are a gift and the world needs you! Things are hard, life is hard – so hard! But, you are tough, you are resilient, you will rise. Loving yourself will only help you on your journey. ❤


Question time:

Thoughts on this post?

How to you practice self-love?



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20 thoughts on “6 Ways I’m Loving My Body This Year!

  1. This is great! I love being in bed early- it’s so great haha. I am on a few medicines for headaches and anxiety and they definitely help- I used to be ashamed of it, but now I’ve accepted it!


  2. I absolutely love this post! Body image is something that so many people struggle with. Getting to the point when you realise that you are robbing yourself of experiencing pure joy when you compare yourself to others is a great place to be. Keep shining the light of Christ! Grace.


  3. i’m working on getting more sleep. getting to bed earlier and putting my phone down… love that taking your medicine was one of them. i’m right there with you on that! xoxo


  4. Edye, you are a precious young woman, beautiful in mind, body, and spirit. With wisdom beyond your years. God looks at you with His eyes of grace and sees only the perfection of Jesus!


    • Your comment brought tears to my eyes, Teresa. You’re such a sweet woman! You and your blog exalt God’s love and light in so many ways. Thank you for being such a beautiful soul and friend. May God continue to bless you ❤


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