7 Ways I Unplug And Recharge!

Being in front of screens is second nature for so many in today’s society. As I’ve gotten older I’ve tried to be more conscious about how much “screen time” I have on daily basis.

As adults, we hear so much about how kids should be limited to too much time in front of the screen, but shouldn’t that rule apply to us too? I think so.

The world is so much slower and raw when we are looking at it through our own eyes; not a screen or lens.

Today I’m sharing 7 ways I unplug, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. By unplugging myself from the technological world I always end up feeling refreshed and recharged afterwards.


7 Ways I Unplug & Recharge!


1.Bring A Book To Work //// Ever since I started working full time I have always brought a book with me. Yes, I have brought an “e-book” before which contradicts this post, but I strive for progress not perfection. Besides, you’re still reading and taking a step away from the fast lane.


2. Go for a drive //// This is something that is so relaxing to me. Especially if you’re with someone you love. I don’t mean to get all “aesthetic” on you guys, but having good company, good music, and a ride around town makes you feel alive. You’re seeing the world pass you buy at 40 MPH and feel invigorated by a new sight you’ve never seen before. A simple 15 minute drive can make my bad day become a good one.


3. Light A Candle //// Candles and me are forever in love. I have a whole book shelf dedicated to my candle collection. I have an addiction, I do. After a long day, be it great or awful, the slow burn of a flame and smell of whatever scent I’m currently loving makes me take a minute and breathe. Sometimes I’ll just look at the flame and be still. I look at how slow a candle burns. It takes its time but it still burns out eventually. This reminds me that all I have to get done and all there is to be done will get done when it is meant to.


4. Take A Shower/Bath  //// Yes, personal hygiene is a necessity, but sometimes feels more like a chore. When was the last time you stood in the shower and just let the water wash over you for a minute? When was the last time you added a bath bomb to your bubble bath? Take a minute to reflect on the day ahead of you or the day you’ve already traveled through. Breathe and just be.


5. Acoustic Music ////  Why does acoustic music relax me so much? I’m not quite sure. I sure do hope I’m not the only one who shares this sentiment. After the sun sets and the day has begun to wind down, I find contentment in an acoustic playlist and a fuzzy blanket most nights.


6. I Write //// My passion for writing only strengthens as I get older. I may not always make sense when I write, but whatever I write made sense for whatever amount of time it took me to put that collection of thoughts into words. It may be a poem, a song, a sentence, or a blog post. No matter what I “title” it, it’s my brain’s contents thrown out onto a page. It’s my vulnerability and my emotions in their realest state. I have learned so much about myself through writing and I encourage everyone to do the same.


7. Prioritize Sleep //// I’ve tried to be one of those people who can run on 4 hours of sleep and the truth is I just can’t. The nights I don’t get enough sleep, which for me is at least 7 solid hours, I awake the next day to feeling exhausted, groggy, and sometimes depressed even. Sleep is vital for my brain to function and it is yours too! Check out this awesome article from Forbes, that talks about how sleep affects our brain.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post! It was one I’ve been meaning to write for a while and just hadn’t gotten the right words together to generate a proper blog post. I love technology and am a total “tech-y!” Please don’t think I’m knocking the 21st century; I’m totally not. I just think as humans we need a break from things sometimes and that’s one of them. What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear!


Catch ya later, gators!



Question Time:

Do you make a conscious effort to “unplug?” How do you do it?

How do you limit screen time in your life/household/family?




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