Protect Your Lips with Balm Shot! {+giveaway}

Lip balm is one of those things I’d have to have on a deserted island. My lips are always chapped and dry, and lip balm is something that I always have to have on me.

Today I’m featuring a brand that both I and my family know and love — Balm Shot!



Firstly, let me give you a little history about the brand and the man behind it!


“Wayne S. Forrey, the company’s founder and product inventor, contracted lip cancer in 1983 due to his outdoor lifestyle and frequent sunburned lips. After successful lip reconstruction surgery, he began using lip balm everyday to protect and moisturize his lips. Wayne became dissatisfied with industry standard lip balm dispensers because the knurled disk base would twist and rotate in his pants pockets…thereby mashing the balm into the cap…making a gooey mess. Many people told Wayne they experienced the exact same gooey mess. To solve this problem, Wayne went to his garage and invented a much better lip balm dispenser system including a firmer twist base and tighter fitting cap. BALMSHOT was the result of this innovative effort, and a new Idaho company was born in 2010.”




I was sent their BalmShot 6 Pack with Zippered Ditty Bag. This is a great way to get to try out all that the brand has to offer. Plus, you get a cute little bag to store all your products in!

This lip balm goes on smooth and leaves your lips feeling moisturized and super soft. They also offer a breath spray (pictured above; bottom left.) All their products are amazing and I hope they’ll develop even more flavors in the future.


I love that this lip balm is made with natural ingredients and they even offer an organic option! All the flavors are lovely! My personal favorite is the Vanilla Mint. My top two flavors combined is heaven to me 🙂




This brand deserves so much love and respect! My lips are very happy to have been introduced to this brand. I cannot think of any drawbacks to point out. I was very pleased 🙂


Now onto the GIVEAWAY!!!


ONE lucky US reader will receive one Balm Shot 6 Pack with Zippered Ditty Bag. This giveaway will run from May 16, 2017 – June 6, 2017. Please use the blue link below to enter.



Disclaimer: I received these products and compensation in exchange for this post. That does not influence my opinion whatsoever. All views expressed in this post are 100% my own.


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