Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. Unboxing {+giveaway}

Some of you may know that I went vegetarian a little over a year ago. Since removing meat from my diet I have been on the hunt for “meat-free” meats.


Today I’m featuring a company that makes tasty jerky that’s 100% vegan, gluten-free, and Non-GMO!


Louisville Vegan Jerky Company makes all of their products right here in the USA. The jerky is made in small batches by hand so each bite tastes flavorful and not factory made.


I got the opportunity to try out their monthly subscription box. It runs $19.99 a month and each box comes with 3 bags of jerky.


I filmed my first impressions on camera (see video below) and further down in the post you’ll see my thoughts on the products themselves. Happy snacking!


Hopefully y’all enjoyed the unboxing! Now onto my thoughts about the products themselves ->



Paulette’s Maple Bacon Jerky – $6.99

Right off the bat, this tastes and smells just like bacon.The maple isn’t the main flavor I pick up on, but it complements this snack and doesn’t overpower it at all.This jerky is very moist, but not as chewy as your typical jerky.


Sweet Chili Garlic – $6.99

This jerky is more chewy than the maple bacon flavor and has a bit more spice to it. The spice is not overwhelming and doesn’t take away from the sweetness.


Reuben’s Smokey Carolina BBQ – $6.99

This one isn’t your typical BBQ. It has a little sour twang to it and has a small smokey flavor to it as well.

Overall thoughts: These snacks are a good source of protein and I love that they’re 100% meat/cruelty-free. The flavors are very unique and the jerky tastes very fresh. The texture is not tough like usual jerky, so some may like and some may dislike that aspect. This brand is one to check out! They’re original and make one of a kind, tasty treats.

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed my unboxing/review. I always love learning about new brands from other bloggers. This brand is not only tasty, but they really care about the quality of products they provide to their customers. If you ever have any questions or concerns, you can send them an email and they’ll get right back to you!

GIVEAWAY TIME: One lucky US reader will receive one box from Louisville Vegan Jerky Company containing three bags of yummy, vegan jerky! Please use the blue link below to enter. This giveaway runs March 11, 2017 – March 25, 2017.



84 thoughts on “Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. Unboxing {+giveaway}

  1. I love their jerky and actually have three bags in the pantry right now! I have yet to try the Sweet Chili Garlic flavor though, so that is the one I would tear into first. I have been vegan for over 15 years and this is the best vegan jerky I have tried. It isn’t too tough and it has great flavor.


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