FitSnack Unboxing – Jan ’17

Subscription boxes are great, but it’s even nicer to get a box filled with things that are actually good for you.

Insert: FitSnack!

FitSnack is a monthly subscription box service that runs $25.90 per month. Each month’s box is filled with yummy snacks that are hand selected by a nutritionist!

These snacks are all natural and contain ingredients you can actually pronounce – #win

Not to mention, that each box is guaranteed to be filled with low sugar, high protein snacks that add up to a $32+ value.

See my first impressions along with my thoughts, what’s in the box, and much more in the video below…


As stated in the video, I was very pleased. I love brands that go the extra mile in providing healthy (yet yummy) snacks for their consumers.

Don’t forget each box purchased helps FitSnack fuel the Boys And Girls Club! So you’re not only doing good for your body, but for other’s bodies as well.

Thank you to FitSnack for the amazing opportunity to work with your brand and thank you to reading this post. I hope you all have an amazing week ahead!




Click the photo below to get $3 off your first box!




Disclaimer: I received this box in exchange for my honest review. That does not influence my opinion whatsoever. All comments stated in the post/video are 100% my own. Some affiliate links may be used.


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