Daily Goodie Box Unboxing – Feb ’17!

February is in full swing and I’m finally getting around to publishing my unboxing post for this month’s Daily Goodie Box.

You guys said you loved my last unboxing posts, so I thought I’d share another one with y’all. I love subscription box services and DGB is one of my favorites! See what’s in this month’s box by watching the video below ⇓⇓⇓




See why it’s called a goodie box? 😉

I highly recommend checking this service out and applying for a chance to get a FREE box!

Hope your week is off to a fantabulous start. See you in my next one♥


p.s. See last month’s unboxing video here


Question time:

What is one thing you’d love to try from this month’s box?

Yay or nay to subscription boxes?



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