6 Websites For Free Stock Photos



If you’re a blogger or social media influencer of any kind, you probably find yourself looking for photos to use in a blog post or on your blog all the time. I know I do! The unfortunate thing is that not all photos are free to use. Some are copyrighted and even if you give credit to the owner (such as a link back) it can still be an “infringement” on the copyright of the photo(s).

When I first started blogging I was so confused and thought how am I ever going to find photos that are okay to use. At this time I was just going on Google Images and downloading whatever photo I liked most – this isn’t always the best choice due to copyright.


So, all of the photos on my blog, except if they’re mine or I have a companies direct consent to use their images, are all from stock free photo sites. The photos found on the sites listed below are free to use for your own fair use; NOT to sell.



This site is currently my favorite. It has so many different pictures and they even have some videos too! On their home page there’s a search bar where you can type in whatever type of photo you’re looking for. So, say you type in “dogs,” all the photos in their database that fit the “dogs” description will appear. I find that this site is super easy to navigate and haven’t ever really had a problem with it.


Photo Pin

This is another website I really like. They have so many photos and I especially like their nature photos. They’re not your everyday nature pics and are really good quality and/or high resolution!



Unsplash is SO awesome! Unlike most stock free photo sites, they have a social media vibe to them. You can create an account with them (either via email or Facebook) and then you can like photos, add them to a collection/album so you can save them for later, and you can follow other users. So whenever they upload a new photo or save something to their collection, you’ll see it on your feed. This really takes the community of stock free photo users and brings us together.


MMT Stock

This one is new to me. I just recently discovered it and wanted to add it to the list because it has some unique photos! I love the sunset category; be sure to check it out!


Death To Stock Photos

I’m still trying to figure out the name, but I enjoy the set up of this site. You sign up for their email subscription and they send you 10 photos once a month pertaining to a certain category. This is completely free, but they do have a paid “premium membership” where you can get unlimited royalty free downloads, exclusive photo packs and more.


Foodies Feed

Last but not least, we have Foodies Feed. This is stocked with tons of photos of yummy food. So if you’re a food blogger (or a fellow foodie 😉 ) this is a great site for you! They have everything from coffee to tacos.


I hope this post was helpful. If I find any more sites, I might do an updated post in the future. Feel free to comment below where you find your find stock photos; I’m always looking for new sites!


p.s. I have a series called “Blogging Tips” filled with blogging tips and tricks! Check it out!




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