Proud To Be A Girl.



I’ve thought about writing this post for weeks, but I hesitated because I thought it would come off controversial.

Then I asked myself, “Why?”

Why is it controversial to embrace my femininity?

Why is it controversial to embrace my gender?

It’s not.



Even though the year is 2017 we still live in a world full of misogyny, gender roles, and inequality.

So many people think that those who claim to be “feminists” think that women are above men; that is far from the truth.

As a woman, I don’t think I’m better than a man – I just think that I’m equal to a man.

I think that I should get payed the same thing as a man per hour for the same amount of work.

I think that if I want to become a preacher, contractor, farmer, or any other occupation that’s generally a “man’s job,” I should be able to do just that.

I think that if I want to wear an outfit that shows even the slightest little bit of skin, I should have to worry about being cat-called or sexually harassed.

Just like the saying goes, there’s no freedom until we’re equal.

ALL of us. Not just women, but every class, ethnicity, sexuality, and so on, of people can be treated and respected the same.


I know so many people don’t approve of how this generation makes their voice heard. They say we’re just kids and we don’t have enough life experience to fully grasp what’s going on. To an extent, I think they may be right. But, we see the future that is ours and we want to be given our best chance.



As a young woman, I will never cower when someone tells me “I’m just a girl.” I will stand tall, and proudly embrace who God made me to be. I will say, “Yes, I am just a girl. And that is and always will be more than enough.”


Question time:

Do you consider yourself a feminist? Why/why not?





39 thoughts on “Proud To Be A Girl.

  1. Hm. I don’t think I’m a feminist. Of course I support equal rights and equal wages, but I’m not really into reclaiming expressions, Butler’s theories, strange vagina artworks or that men can’t demonstrate for women’s rights (not saying that all feminists are, but that’s what I associate with the word “feminist” and I don’t want others to think of me in that way).


    • Hi Ylva! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I totally agree that not all feminists are one way. We’re all very different; just like a box of crayons. As for me, I love seeing men and woman walking together towards the path of equality. Wishing you a splendid week!


  2. There is still a lot of inequality in the world, you are right, but I think things are improving for us. Things are definietly a lot better than they were fifty years ago, and I am hoping that they keep on getting better. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! xoxo



  3. I definitely consider myself a feminist and you shouldn’t have been worried about publishing this post, it’s such an important topic to talk about! I’m all about equality and I think it’s a shame that some feminists think women are better than men because I think some people are scared of calling themselves feminists for fear that people will think they think they’re better than men – hope that makes sense!
    Amy xx


  4. I believe that men and women are equal (or should be treated as such. I know in reality that doesn’t happen all over the world, but I like to think that in the US we are getting better. I wouldn’t call myself a feminist as that sometimes draws a negative connotation, but I am a woman so hear me roar! (plus my husband says I’m very bossy!)


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