Get Cozy With Maud’s Righteous Blends Coffee (+ giveaway)

If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time or just a day, you should know that I love coffee. So, when I got the opportunity to try, review, and giveaway some of Maud’s Righteous Blends Coffee, I was pumped!


Maud’s was kind enough to send me a box of their House Blend, Dunk Your Donut Shop, and sampler pack coffee pods.

One thing I love about this brand is how they’re going above and beyond to help the planet. All of their coffee pods are 100% recyclable. So say you drink coffee every single day; that’s 365 coffee pods going into landfills when they could be recycled.

This company also offer free shipping on all US orders and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. They not only offer regular coffee, flavored coffee, and decaf coffee. But, they also offer teas as well as lots of organic options.

So now you know a little bit about the company, let’s get into what I think of their products.


Out of all the coffee I was sent, the “Maud’s In The House Blend” was my favorite. Probably because it’s a medium roast coffee and I’m a medium roast kinda girl. The “Dunk Your Donut Shop” was good too, it was just a light blend and I wanted a little more of a bold flavor.

If you’re not a big coffee flavor lover and like to use lots of creamer in your coffee, the light roast would be for you.

Overall, I was highly pleased with this brand! They’re friendly to work with, produce high quality items, and are priced appropriately.

The coffee pods I was sent are compatible with the:

K10 MINI Plus
K40/45 Elite
K60/K65 Special Edition
K70/K75/K79 Platinum
Hamilton Beach

But, they also make pods compatible with  all standard Nespresso® Machines, too!

Now for the giveaway! This is my first ever giveaway with TWO winners and I’m so excited!

TWO winners with receive ONE 100 ct. box of “Maud’s In The House – Medium Roast Blend.” See list above for compatible brewers! This giveaway is open to residents of the USA and will run from December 29, 2016 – January 12, 2017.   Use the blue link below to enter!




Disclaimer: I did receive these products in exchange for my honest review. This does NOT influence my opinion whatsoever. All views expressed in this post are my own.


Use coupon code “gracefulcoffee” for 5% off your order!


116 thoughts on “Get Cozy With Maud’s Righteous Blends Coffee (+ giveaway)

    • Hi, Gregory!

      Unfortunealty, this giveaway has already ended. But, as for my opinion on their dark roast; I think it’s very good. It isn’t too rich, but you can definitely tell it’s not medium roast. I’m pretty sure Maud’s offers a sample pack for less than $20 which includes a pod of dark roast.

      I hope this helps! Don’t forget to use coupon code “gracefulcoffee” for 5% off your order =)


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