Friday Favorites #6 (Granola Bars, Music, Fall Nail Colors)

friday faves

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you guys, but for me this week has been a long one. This weekend I don’t have any specific plans, but I do hope to get some baking done for a recipe post I have coming up later this month. Stay tuned!

Enough with my chatter, onto the favorites…

Kashi Granola Bars

Package shot for Kashi® Chewy Granola Bars Honey Almond Flax

I’d typically include a photo of my own, but since I’ve eaten all of these and recycled the box, I’m using a picture from the brand’s website. Anywho, these bars are SO good! I’m not a huge honey fan, but these hit the spot. I was looking for a new, nutritious “bar” to try out and was really impressed by these. They have whole almonds in each one and 6g of protein! I also have a box of the trail mix flavor I’ve yet to try; I’ll keep y’all updated.

X Factor UK

Image result for x factor uk 2016

I am so thrilled that US television broadcasts X Factor UK for us Americans to watch! I know we can’t vote, but it’s fun to watch along with my friends from across the pond. Also, who doesn’t love good music?! My mom and I have been watching it for three years; every Sunday and Monday night. If you’re watching this year, who do you want to win? My mom and I loved Relley C and were bummed when she went home. I mean, how awesome was this performance?

You’re welcome.

So, I’m not sure who we want to win yet. Maybe Matt or Sam???

New Music

I’m a big Chris Tomlin fan, so when I discovered he released a new album I immediately popped on my headphones and started to listen. He is one of my favorite Christian artists, ever! I love all the songs on his new album, but my favorite is “Home.” This song reminds me that the pain of this world is only temporary. Us Christians need to remember we’re in this world, not of it (1 John 2:15-17.) This song is a true, beautiful testament to that.


Nail Polish


Like most people, I go through phases with nail polish. Some days I love it, some days I hate it. Some days I love light colors, some days I love dark colors.

Lately, in the spirit of fall, I’ve been loving dark colors! One brand of nail polish I love is Sinful Colors. I love it because it’s cheap, but not cheap quality. This stuff lasts a pretty long while and they have a HUGE color selection. They even make gel polishes too! This color is called “Rich In Heart” and I love it. I’ve been wearing it for over a week and am still not sick of it.

Make-Shift Halloween Costumes


I previously told you guys that I wasn’t quite sure what my Halloween costume was gonna be – even though I already bought it. I ended up calling myself a “Dark Masquerade Princess.” I handed out candy to kids, got some for myself 😉 , and I went out to dinner with the fam for milkshakes and fries. All in all, it was a lovely night. The weather was the perfect fall night and the moon was out! It was like a Halloween movie setting!


That’s all of what I’ve been loving recently! I hope you guys have a wonderful, stress free weekend. I’ll spend mine doing some baking, candle burning, coffee drinking, and maybe listening to some Christmas music. I mean it is a free country right?! #christmasmusic365daysayear


Question time:

What have you been loving recently?

Did you dress up for Halloween? What were you?


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38 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #6 (Granola Bars, Music, Fall Nail Colors)

  1. Yay! Kashi bars are awesome and their honey almond flax are my favorite! Sinful Colors is definitely one of my favorite budget nail polishes too–they have so many color options! 😀 Rich In Heart is a super pretty color!


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