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When I first started blogging I was curious if I’d be able to make any friends. I love people, but worried if my personality really comes across on the internet and if anyone would want to befriend me. I was a little “internet shy” at first; then slowly but surely as I continue to grow my blog I’m making more and more friends – and I love it! I’ve met so many awesome people and hope this post will be helpful to someone out there who wants to do the same. If you’re new to blogging and wanna make a friend, feel free to say hi 😉


1). Be Genuine – This is my number one rule when it comes to making friends in general; whether it be online or offline. As humans we’re very intuitive and can sense when someone is being disingenuous. So whether you’re commenting on someone’s blog post or wishing them a happy birthday on Twitter, be sincere. After you’ve known the person for a while they’ll pick up on how down to earth and real you are. It’s so easy to hide behind a computer and put on a facade, but eventually people will discover your true character.


2). Share other peoples posts –  This is something I love doing! As a blogger I know how difficult it can be to get ahead. So I love helping out my fellow bloggers whenever I can. It can be as simple as sharing someones post on Pinterest or Google+. Even if your share drew just one person to their blog, think about it, you helped grow their audience! That’s awesome! Whenever someone shares one of my posts I’m stoked. So whenever I see a post I really like or think my followers will like, I share it. Sharing is caring.


3). Follow people on social media – Just like you my IG feed is full of celebrities and the occasional cute puppy. But, once I started blogging I wanted to see what my friends were up to, too! If you have that one blog that you really enjoy reading follow them on their social media. Odds are you’ll get to see a different side of them and learn more about them.

— Please don’t follow someone just so they may follow you back. Only follow someone if you’re actually into their blog, website, brand, etc. —


4). Leave sincere comments – This kind of goes hand in hand with tip #1. Bloggers appreciate any kind of comment from a reader. But if you’re looking to build a friendship and get to know the blogger more, you need to leave a more deep comment than “Nice post.” Lots of bloggers ask their readers questions at the end of their blog posts. So, if you don’t know what to comment, try answering the question(s) they asked you.


5). Don’t put yourself in a box – By this I mean don’t feel like just because you’re a food blogger that you can’t be friends with a fashion or mommy blogger! At the end of the day we’re all people and we’re a lot more alike than we think. Even if someone’s not in your “blogging niche,” you can still read and comment on their stuff. I, personally, follow tons of different kinds of blogs and have made the sweetest friends.


6).  Be yourself – I plan on writing another post about being yourself in the future. But, my feelings in a nut shell are this: don’t try to be anyone but yourself. Believe it or not, people will like you for you. You’re amazing in your own way and others will see that! Don’t feel like you have to comment what others are commenting about. Write what YOU want to say; maybe even ask the blogger a question relating to their post!


That’s all for today post! Friends are awesome and can be made at any day, place, or time. I’m sorry for not posting super often lately, but I have several posts in the works, so hang in there with me! Talk to you later, gators ❤


Question time:

Got any tips for making friends?

Do you follow blogs that aren’t in your niche?


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42 thoughts on “Making Blogger Friends 101

  1. Hi Edye, I am always so impressed with your blog posts. You always seem to have the most amazing topic’s and best of all, you are you, and it really shines through in your writing.
    Tips: Honestly, as you mentioned, just be yourself !
    And, yes, I follow a lot of blogs, on a lot of different topic’s. It opens my mind and makes me feel more in tune with the world 🙂
    Have a beautiful day 🙂


    • Thank you so much, Lynne! You’re such a sweetheart ❤ I find that following different kinds of blogs helps to open up my mind too. Also, I end up learning little things along the way 🙂 Have a wonderful day!


  2. for me, being genuine and leaving sincere comments is so so important to me. I don’t want to come across as “fake” on my blog and I try to be as authentic as possible! 🙂


  3. Leaving sincere comments is so important. I once wrote a negative review on a product and some girls commented: great product, looks so nice, I bet it works great etc. They did not even read my review and the comments were ridiculous. So leaving a nice sincere comment on someone else’s blog is really nice, it means that you give value and respect the person that dedicated hours in writing the post.



  4. These are absolute great points, especially the Good Comments point. I have always dislike shallow comments like: nice post, great article, etc… it does nothing for the post. I even read that it is even bad for the google ranking, and they even suggest to delete them, which I have done in some cases. Great to connect with you Edye!

    Joyful Savings recently posted: Beautiful Halloween Cupcakes


  5. This is my first visit to your blog…and thought it appropriate since you visit my blog and enter my book giveaways all the time! I’m going to add you to my RSS reader (much easier for me to keep up with various blogs in all areas!)


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