Humble Yourself.


Being humble is one quality I deeply admire in a person. It’s a quality that not all of us have, especially once we get older. I think once we hit a certain age (the number varies from person to person) we develop a sense of knowing pretty much everything. We think that we’re at a point in our lives where we don’t need people younger that us, that have a lower job ranking that us, or we feel superior to, to teach us things. We think we know it all. Wrong. We don’t know it all and probably never will.

Being humble is to say, “Hey, I messed up and I’m sorry.”

Being humble is to say, “Could you please teach me how to do that?”

Being humble is to never be too proud to ask for help.

A good friend of mine once told me, “Life is God’s kindergarten for us, His children. He’s constantly teaching us things no matter what our age.” That may seem like a minute statement to some, but when she said that to me, it struck a cord. I came to the fast realization that I won’t know it all when I’m 30, 50, or even 70. There will always be something new to learn and there will always be times when we make mistakes; we’re human.

One five word prayer I pray all the time is “God, please humble the proud.” Please know that I include myself in this prayer too! I have moments where I’ve done the wrong thing and need to apologize, but I feel like I’m belittling myself by doing so. I couldn’t be more incorrect. When you apologize you look in the mirror and see that you’re not perfect. You see that even you make mistakes. Saying you’re sorry can make a world of difference. Not only for the person you’re apologizing to, but for yourself as well.


 Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited.”- Romans 12:16 (NIV)


After I apologize or ask for help against my not-so-better-judgement, I feel accomplished. I don’t feel low and small. I feel big and reassured that I can learn from my sense of pride and overcome it.

Looking back now on times when I asked for help or to be taught something, I realized how much I’ve learned. I learned to ride a bike, bake a cake, drive a car, crochet a scarf, and much more. I learned that in life you will need people. You are not weak or childish by asking for direction. We all need to learn how to read a map; we’re not born knowing.


So my final thoughts on this topic is never be too prideful to improve yourself, to learn something new, or to accept help from another person. Stand firm in knowing you’re worth is infinite, but not so firm that you cannot see your own shortcomings.  Choosing to be humble is always the best option.


Question time:

What are your thoughts on this topic?

What does being humble mean to you?


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49 thoughts on “Humble Yourself.

    • Admitting you’re wrong is something I struggle with too, Amy. I now try and make a conscious effort to work on that aspect of myself. After all, nobody’s perfect. Hope you have a wonderful week xx



  1. I agree with you on this Edye. I think it’s important to not be prideful and boastful. I also think its important to not carry your pride in such insignificant things like doing a longer workout or choosing to drink a smoothie over eat a cookie!


    • Thanks so much, Vanessa! My relationship with Christ keeps me humble as well. To know Jesus is God’s son, yet he was so humble and down to earth during His time on earth is a great example of humility 🙂 Hope you have a lovely week!



  2. You are so right no matter how old you are there is always so much to learn. Asking for help can be difficult, but it definitely helps you to be a better person. I definitely need to humble myself and ask for help more often when I am feeling overwhelmed.


  3. Great post, being humble is all about being okay with not being at the top. I think its hardest to humble yourself when its something that you are already super knowledgeable about.


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  5. I started a new job back in June. It humbled me for sure. It was a completely new environment, new co workers, new friends, and new tasks. But it was a good thing for me. It stretched me. I leaned on the Lord more than ever. Step by step sometimes. Very humbling, but good for me.


  6. To me, being humble means you know you depend on the Lord. It’s always true, but too easy to forget in day to day life! It is so true that we’ll never be done learning. Thanks for the post!


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