Pros and Cons of Being Homeschooled


I did a post a little while back sharing my typical day in my life of a home schooler, and you guys really liked it. So, I thought I’d write more posts discussing my (home) school life. People always ask me about it, so hopefully you’ll get some info about it if you’re curious. I’ve been home schooled all my life and am currently a junior/senior year in high school. My mom was my teacher up until 9th grade and then I began doing my work online. Home schooling like everything else isn’t perfect and has it’s draw backs. Here’s some that I deal(t) with 🙂  



Time Management – Being able to customize my work to my own schedule is a HUGE plus! I’ve been blessed in the regard that (on seldom occasion) I can take days off. However, I have to make those days up or else I’ll be behind in my studies. I always get to take my birthday off no matter if it’s on a week day and if I’m sick I can take an extra 30 minute break.

Being Home – I have come to the conclusion that I’m a homebody 85% of the time. I’m perfectly fine with that! I love being home, lighting a candle and hitting the books. I love that I can go to school in my PJ’s with no makeup on if I want. Also, as long as I have my laptop and wifi I can do school pretty much anywhere. I can even do it outside! Technology is so cool!

Getting Ahead – The online school I attend enables me to change my exam dates or take them early. So, if I’m ahead with my work I can go ahead and take my exam while the knowledge is fresh in my brain.

School Home Cafeteria – I cannot speak from experience, but I’ve been told that school food isn’t the best. So, I presume that I’m lucky to be able to make my own lunches. I’m also a vegetarian and a lot of places don’t have “veggie” options, so I’m pretty happy with my hometeria..? Get it? Like Cafeteria? 😉



The Stigma – All my life people have teased me saying I don’t go to “real school” or do “real work.” Anymore, I just brush it off, but when I was younger I questioned my parents choice to homeschool me. I thought I wasn’t as smart as other people, because I was taught at home. I thought I wasn’t cool because I was different. Let me tell you firsthand that homeschooling is NOT easy! You have lots of work and get graded just as hard as you do in public/private school. My mom gave me no special treatment while teaching me; If I got an answer wrong, I got it wrong. Being different isn’t a bad thing.  

Class of One – I have been raised an only child all my life and homeschooled. So, being the only student in my class can get a little lonely. I’ve always been pretty mature for my age. Probably because I’ve spent most of my time around adults. Once I became a teenager I took a step out and started going to events and hanging out with people my age. To be honest, it was a little odd at first. I didn’t know how to act around others my age, and worried about them finding me weird. Thankfully, I’ve gotten a lot more social with age. Now I’m a total people lover 🙂

No (in the flesh) Teacher – This has only applied to me in the past couple of years. When my mom taught me, I asked her a lot of questions. But, when I went online I had to start emailing my instructors. While, my school is very good with getting back to me quickly, it’s not instant. So, I might have to take a break or come back to my work once they reply.  


That’s all I could think of for today! For the most part I really enjoy being home schooled. It’s been a great experience and it’s bittersweet that I’ll be graduating next year. If you have any questions about it feel free to ask me! I’d be more than happy to help.

Question time:

Is school cafeteria food really bad?

Were you/do you know someone who’s homeschooled?


Thanks for reading,


38 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Being Homeschooled

  1. I know lots of people who were home schooled and they are perfectly functioning adults today. My husband is one of them! And I was homeschooled for a while too (I also attended public school and private school so I’ve had a taste of it all).

    So what are your plans for after graduation?


    • That’s so cool! Right now I’m planning on going to nursing school once I graduate. Then, Lord willing in the years to come I’ll further my degree and become a nurse practitioner 🙂



  2. This is really interesting–Cant wait to check out the day in the life post. Do you think you’ll do an online degree if you decide to go to college, or do you see yourself going off to a typical college setting?
    I think I would have enjoyed being homeschooled because I’m such a homebody and always was. Howeever, on the other hand I think it would have been difficult for me to make friends because I would always want to be that home body!


  3. I haven’t met anyone who was home schooled personally so it was really fun to read this post from you. I guess another pro is that you get closer to your parents? It was really hard to balance out the family life when I was in school – specially in college when we’re busy 24/7 and is only home a few times.

    Love, Richel. | Richel Goes Places


  4. I wasn’t home schooled but I didn’t go to a normal school either because I was training full time for dance. I found it a little weird at first hearing kids talking about their high school experiences but I think I turned out okay 😛 . I don’t see a problem with being home schooled, you mostly likely missed out on a lot of bullying and troublemakers!

    Sally – DiagonSally


  5. I’ve never met anyone that was homeschooled but to me it seems even harder then actually going to a school as while you’re there, you’ll have to do stuff but at home you can always have 5 more minute sleep, a longer lunch break and time woulf just fly by if it was me so well done 🙂
    School cafeteria food can be awful or it can be amazing! It’a always relative but as you’re vegetarian, I’d say it would have been easy for you! I’m at Uni now and they always have a veggie option but most people have no idea how to cook certain foods and the final result doens’t look very pleasant!
    I loved this post and I loved to read and learn more about homeschool as it’s such a different reality from mine! I could, however, relate to some points as now that I’m at Uni I can not go to some classes and sometimes I don’t go and stay at home studying but that only happens when I can’t understand how the teacher explains things and in that case is pointless for me to go 🙂


  6. I went to public school but I plan on homeschooling my kids. Expect some emails from me in a few years asking for advice =) I love hearing success stories like this because everyone always tells me I’m crazy!!


    • I definitely would say that the pros outweigh the cons! I learned to appreciate it even more once I got older. There’s so many benefits for the kids and (according to my mom) for the parents as well. If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Have a great day ❤



    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Shireen! It’s not always the easiest, but I definitely recommend homeschooling. If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask. It has lots of benefits :]



  7. I homeschooled both my sons and it was such a positive experience for them and me. There are always pros and cons to everything and your list was really great to read. I went to college online and your list sounds like what I would have said for myself, too. The whole doing school in my PJ’s thing is really high on the list! lol How can you top that? Love your blog, Edye, and so glad you came by mine and shared!

    Blessings – Julie


    • Thank you for reading, Julie! That’s so cool that you home schooled your children. If I become a mom one day I’ll definitely consider home schooling my kids as well. School in your Pj’s is the BEST, can’t forget a pair of fuzzy socks right? 😉



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