Friday Favorites #3

friday faves

“Friday, Friday gotta get down on friday..” Anybody remember that song? I was secretly obsessed with it in middle school. Oh, how I miss middle school. The era of silly bands, webkinz and Hannah Montana. Those were the days! Any-who, you clearly know what day of the week it is and I’m gonna share this weeks favorites with y’all.  


S. Pellegrino IMG_6443 A couple months back I discovered S. Pellegrino and love it! It’s pretty much just sparkling water, but this one is really fizzy. I love water, but when I want a little something more, I grab one of these outta the fridge and I’m good to go! Super refreshing.  


Covergirl “Oh Sugar!” IMG_6495 I’m a total makeup addict and love trying new products. So when I saw the new vitamin infused lip balm from Covergirl I had to buy one 🙂 This color is called “Soda” and it looks bright red in the tube. Once you put it 0n though it’s a lot more muted down. It’s a lovely berry shade that is pretty similar to my natural lip color. It’s super moisturizing and lightweight.  


How I Met Your Mother HIM As I’ve said before, I’m not a huge TV person. But, this show is pretty cute! A few months back I was super sick, it was 3 am and I couldn’t sleep. So, I turned on Netflix knowing I wanted something that would put a smile on my face. I have only watched about 6-ish episodes, but really am enjoying it! It’s cute, funny, not confusing and not an hour long! Which is perfect for someone like me who has a hard time focusing/sitting still for an hour long show.


Music I have discovered some amazing songs lately! I want to do posts on songs that I love, make me happy, etc.. soon! 

Youth by Troye Sivan – I love this song so much!! It makes me so happy! It has a super catchy beat and it makes me want to go on an adventure to somewhere I’ve never been. 

T-Shirt by Thomas Rhett – I heard this song on the radio the other day and have been obsessed ever since. I’m not a huge country music fan, however my family loves it. So, I hear a lot of it from them. This song had me dancing the first time I heard it. It’s fun and super cute. Totally a spring break jam 🙂


THIS I cannot express how much I love this quote/post I saw on Instagram. I loved it so much I screen-shotted it. I rediscovered it on my camera roll the other day and fell back in love with it. It hits home so much. I hope to share more of my story in the future, but to be vague, I haven’t always had the healthiest relationship with food. I’ve come a long way and am still making strides. I just want you to know that food shouldn’t be feared. Guilt and food have ZERO correlation. 


 Well kids, that’s all she/I wrote for this week Hopefully you enjoyed reading. See you guys soon ❤  

Question Time:

Have you ever watched How I Met Your Mother?

What’s one song you’ve been loving recently? I love finding new songs!  


Thanks for reading,



56 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #3

  1. oh, HIMYM is one of my all-time favorite shows. I watched it straight through right after my first son was born, and now I just love watching reruns. I agree that it’s one of those shows you don’t have to pay full attention to in order to enjoy, which is ideal!


  2. Thomas Rhett is a great performer! We’ve seen him a couple of times when he’s come to Memphis. I was like you and really didn’t listen to country music, but my husband did and he rubbed off on me eventually. Now I love it and we go to country concerts a lot in the summers, haha! Crazy how that happens. 🙂


  3. I love that quote!! So so true. Favorite songs lately are a lot of stuff by Florence and the Machine! Also been loving the song stay or leave by dave matthews band 🙂


  4. What a great quote! I’ve never watched how i met your mother but ive only heard great things about it. maybe i should check it out on netflix!


  5. I also love the oh sugar balms! Just enough color I will admit though that the fresh brand def lasts longer, but for the price you can’t beat the cover girl ones!


  6. okay this is going to sound super creepy, but troye just played on my deezer radio and I was like writing him down to listen to again later! Have you heard of paper aeroplanes? they’re a welsh duo I love, and it’s was through them i heard troye, so I think you might like them 🙂

    I love HIMYM. Late night netflix binge watches always lead to great discoveries!

    Loved this post, and so so glad I found your blog today- I’ve been trying to find other teen bloggers recently and then I found you through Beckie! ❤


    Anne // A Portrait Of Youth


    • Thank you so much, Anne! You’re so sweet ❤ I've never heard of the paper airplanes before, I'll check them out! I'm so glad you found my blog as well, I love making new friends 🙂



  7. I’m weirdly not a huge fan of soda water on it’s own but mix it in with cordial or something and I love it! Gosh I miss those simple Hannah Montana days as well.

    Sally – DiagonSally


  8. I love Thomas Rhett! I saw him at a small concert a few years ago for free- we got so close to the stage, it was amazing! Hope you’re having a great week girl!


  9. Thanks for sharing that quote!
    A healthy mind is key to overall health.

    I am a country music fanatic and love Thomas Rhett. I really like an up and comer, Kane Brown. My favorite is Lee Brice.


  10. I’m on a huge san pallegrino / fizzy drink kick right now! I like to add lemon or lime wedges if it isn’t already flavored – though I’m really loving the ones that come naturally flavored. So refreshing!


  11. Love the lip stain on you! Also I love “How I Met Your Mother”- it’s so funny. Barney is pretty inappropriate though, so be prepared for that if you continue to watch.


  12. How I Met Your Mother is/was the best! My boyfriend and I have long-since binge-watched every episode on Netflix. I am not a TV-person like you describe so this was also one of the reasons we were able to get through the series from start to finish. I can’t do long shows, dramatic shows, or things that jump around in the plot too much. Hope you enjoy watching the rest!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva


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