Weekend Recap: Easter

Happy Monday! I hope you guys had a wonderful Easter! Since my weekends are typically pretty routine I don’t want to bore you with lame weekend recap posts. However, since this weekend was a holiday I had a little bit more fun. So I thought I’d share with you guys what happened 🙂



Earlier in the week I watched “The Passion of Christ” on Netflix. If you’ve never seen it I highly recommend it! It is rated R for heavy violence that at times can be hard to watch. As a follower of Jesus, Easter is so special to me. Today is the day I celebrate my savior dying for me on the cross and then rising from the dead. God is amazing.


New Television 


On Friday my grandma got a new television for her bedroom, so guess who got her old one? Me! I know I shouldn’t be so excited considering I hardly ever watch tv. I’m more of an internet and books kinda girl. But, my old tv was big, bulky and really old. So my room looks much more 21st century now. I love it!


Egg Coloring

       IMG_6472 IMG_6484

Easter egg coloring is a tradition in my family no matter how old you are. So we spent out Saturday afternoon singing random songs and coloring eggs. We always write each others names on them, and put on cute stickers too. It’s such a fun thing do to, but it can get messy. I’m really clumsy and always end up getting dye on my hands… Oops!


Easter Day


Easter morning began with coffee (of course) and then my Easter basket. I know I’m a teenager, but I think you’re never too old for an Easter basket. I told my family I want to get one until I’m at least 25. We’ll see if they play along 😉 This year I got so many sweet gifts and I’m so grateful. I have a lovely family who showers me with way more that I need. I got a salted caramel candle that smells so good. I love anything sugary/sweet when it comes to candles!! 


It started to rain about 2 p.m. and by 3:30 it was a down pour. A lot of restaurants were closed, but thankfully Red Lobster was open. So (after a 25 minute wait) my mom, grandma, aunt, uncle, and I ran inside and grabbed a table. We were drenched with rain, but thankfully the restaurant was nice and warm. I got the shrimp linguini without the shrimp. It’s my usual order and it was AMAZING! I love their cheddar bay biscuits! Food heaven *heart eyes*


That was pretty much all this weekend wrote. It was fairly busy, but totally fun. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter if you celebrate. If not, I hope you still had a wonderful weekend! Thanks for reading this post. I’ll talk to you guys soon ❤


Question time:

Ever been to Red Lobster?

Favorite Easter Candy?


Thanks for reading,






54 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Easter

  1. How fun that you still do Easter baskets and dye eggs, I hope we’ll still be continuing these traditions when my kids are in high school.
    Looove Red Lobster but there’s not one in small town. Prob for the best, I always overdo on those biscuits!


  2. My husband is an adult and I totally got him an Easter basket this year! And normally his mom gets baskets for each of us (but we didn’t get to spend Easter with them this year). So here’s to hoping you continue to get an Easter basket even as an adult! 🙂

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter! 🙂


  3. My family never got too into egg decorating, but I always enjoyed it when we did. And you are NEVER too old for an easter basket (or valentines basket or any holiday treats). I’m in my 20s and my parents still mail me chocolate :).
    Sounds like a lovely, traditional and peaceful weekend with family! As it should be. Happy Easter!


  4. yum i love their cheddar biscuits–they sell the mix for them at my local grocery store. look out for the Red lobster logo in the baking aisle!


  5. That sounds like such a good Easter! I watched Passion Of The Christ one time in my life and that was enough for me to understand what Jesus did. It’s kind of like how watching Earthlings and reading Eating Animals solidified my veganism. All good things for sure!
    My favorite Easter candy is white chocolate peanut butter cups. Nothing better 🙂


    • I definitely turned my head during some of the violent scenes. It was hard to watch, but such a great reminder of the sacrifice He made. Peanut butter cups are amazing!! Hope your Easter was great ❤



  6. That’s so wonderful your grandparents gave you a television! Be sure to watch all kinds of good things on netflix. Have you seen Bill Cunningham? It’s such a great documentary about a photographer in NYC. You’ll love it!
    xx Belle


  7. So glad I found your blog, Edye! 🙂 Your easter eggs and easter basket are too cute!!! And I think 25 is totally reasonable! 😛 Also, that linguine looks amazing!!!

    Cadbury hollow easter eggs are my favourite easter candy and I may or may not have gone and bought some more after Easter weekend as well 😛

    Raashi 🙂


  8. Edye, this sounds like a great Easter weekend to me:) I’ve never been to Red Lobster, to be honest, but that linguini you had makes me want to go, lol. Unfortunately, we don’t have one in Montreal yet, so I guess I’ll try next time I am in NYC:) Thank you so much for sharing!



  9. Mmmmm that linguini looks delicious! I love when grandparents finally update their technology, it’s hilarious. They usually hate it too. I hardly ever watch TV either, especially now with netflix and youtube! Happy easter!

    Sally – DiagonSally


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