New Beginnings. 

Hello! My name is Edye (E-D) and I’m a new teenage “lifestyle blogger”. I have been a reader of blogs for over a year and thought I’d finally make a blog post of my own. My life isn’t all that interesting, but maybe somebody will think it’s entertaining? I’ve gone back and forth trying to pick a first blog topic. I thought why not a good ol’ Thinking Out Loud?!  I love reading them and I love writing, so here it goes…   

Disclaimer: I wrote this post two days ago, on Thursday, and just now decided to finally post it.   Feeling under the weather. I like to think of myself as a healthy person. I eat healthy, exercise, drink lots of water, get a flu shot, etc. However, all those things (unfortunately) don’t make me exempt from the occasional cold. This past week has consisted of a sore throat, runny nose, congestion and HEADACHES!! UGH! I am slowly feeling better and more like myself day by day. I’m a Type A person, so relaxing and “taking it easy” is very difficult for me. I have a hard time letting myself relax when I have exams to study for, workouts, books to read, chores to do… But, I know that rest is a necessity for our bodies, just like air. I have tried to learn from this and not push myself so much. Practice makes perfect. 

Pretty Little Liars…? Okay, what season are we on? 5? 6? I love this show and am attached to the characters. But, honestly I’m so confused already. Who is Sara Harvey? Why didn’t we get to know Charlotte/Charlie more? So many questions. I think they’re running out of plot ideas and are grasping for straws at this point. I’m a loyal fan and will watch this show until the end, but honestly have no idea where this season will end up. I am excited to find out though!

  Super Bowl 50 Sadly, my Seattle Seahawks weren’t in the super bowl this year. I am a very loyal fan (insert fan pics here)   I was willing to root for my moms boy Peyton Manning this one time. Sunday afternoon was pretty chill. My mom, grandma and I watched the game, ate chips, rooted for the Bronco’s and they won!! YAY! Yay for my mom, not because I’m a fan 😉 Let’s talk commercials. I was a little underwhelmed with them. What’s up with Budwiser? Where’s the horses and puppies? Where’s the sappy commercials that make me have really bad allergies? The only one that stood out was the Dorito’s and Suburu commercials. Those were a solid B+. 

 Swinter I feel like it’s 2011 and I’m back in my pink bedroom watching Phineas and Ferb. Winter this year has been all over the place. Hot one day, cold the next. Mother nature has been really odd recently. I’m no Al Roker, but I know this whole El Niño thing is messing with winter’s mojo. #ThanksPhil    

Well that a wrap! I think I could get used to this whole blogging thing 😉 Hope you all have a fabulous weekend ❤ 

Question time: 

Do you watch PLL? What do you think of this season?

 Who’d you root for in the Super Bowl? Broncos or Panthers? 

Comments, questions, post requests? Leave em below!                                                                                             

Thanks for reading, Edye


15 thoughts on “New Beginnings. 

  1. The commercials definitely weren’t as good this year! I hear you! I’m glad your mom’s team won. I’m not much for football so I didn’t have a preference.

    I gave up on PLL a long you’ve ago, haha! The storyline just got too involved for me. I know lots of people loved it though so hopefully it gets better!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!


  2. My husband is a Broncos fan, so this was a very good Super Bowl in our house. 🙂 I really like Russell Wilson, so I’m on board with liking the Seahawks, for sure! The commercials were very underwhelming this year. I liked the “Dad-do” Pantene one with the dad’s fixing their daughters’ hair. That was cute. 🙂

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!


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